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10 bad beauty-habits, from which it is time to get rid of

№ 1. You use old cosmetics

Yes, sometimes it's a pity to throw out almost a full tube of cream or lipstick, which was used only a couple of times, but if the shelf life of the cosmetics is out, you need to part with it without regret. I regularly conduct an audit of cosmetics and throw everything away, right up to powder. And although some believe that the powder can be used even after the expiration date, I do not risk it. It is important to remember that the shelf life of a cosmetic product does not end after the date on the package, but several months after opening. Usually the icon with the number of months is also indicated on the jar or tube. Do not skimp - throw away stale makeup.

No. 2. You do not wash makeup before bedtime.

This is generally a crime, and no fatigue can not be an excuse. You can fall asleep in your clothes, but you have to remove your makeup. During the day, the skin sweats, produces sebum, dirt and cosmetics are mixed with all this.Can you go to bed with such a rattling mixture on your face? In the short term, you will wake up in the morning with clogged pores or fresh acne. And in the long-term - accelerate the aging of the skin, because at night the skin is renewed, and the forgotten makeup on the face will prevent it. So fatigue fatigue, and make up to remove before going to bed it is necessary.

No. 3. You rarely change pillow cases.

Even if you sleep with a clean face, sweat, dust and residues of products that you put on your face before going to bed accumulate on the pillowcase. And with the pillowcase do not always touch clean hair, unless you wash them every night before bed. The result, as in the previous paragraph, is contaminated skin. To avoid this problem, rather often change the pillowcase. At least once a week. And better a couple of times. The same goes for towels. They generally can be changed every two days.

10 bad beauty-habits, from which it is time to get rid of

№ 4. You yourself remove gel polish from nails

If desired, the gel coating can be removed with almost one movement, and if it itself began to move away, then your hands will pull off. But you should not do this, because together with the coating you will remove the top layer of the nail. Better get yourself together and walk to the master.And if there is a problem with the recording, then get yourself a special tool for removing the gel coating to remove it correctly, without harming the nail surface.

No. 5. You do not leave a person alone

Another problem of restless hands, which still stretch to the face to remove the annoying pimple. Probably every first of us is familiar with it firsthand. It seems that the problem can be eliminated quickly and simply, but in the end everything only gets worse and instead of one small pimple you get a noticeable bleeding wound that will heal for a week.

No. 6. You ignore sunscreen

It is no secret that the sun adversely affects our skin, but since its influence is not instantaneous, we do not take its danger seriously. For a while, on the contrary, I used means for tanning, not from him: I wanted to get a tan quickly, but now I understand that this should not have been done. Ignoring sunscreens contributes to early aging of the skin and the appearance of age spots. Fortunately, now they produce a lot of products for daily care with SPF protection. Try to give preference to them.

10 bad beauty-habits, from which it is time to get rid of

No. 7. You do not wash makeup brushes

Imagine how much tonal foundation, powder, blush and eye shadow remain on your makeup brushes, and even days remain on them! Now imagine that all this together with dust and particles of the epidermis you again and again apply on your face. Not a very nice picture, right? So try at least once a week to wash all your makeup brushes. To do this, you can buy a special tool or do children's shampoo, dissolved in warm water. In extreme cases, you can use a dishwashing detergent.

8. You use a hairdryer every day.

Daily use of a hair dryer hurts your hair, and even thermal protection products will not save your curls. Do you need to dry your hair every day? Probably, the sebaceous glands of the scalp are too active, so the hair becomes oily too fast and requires daily washing. And daily washing stimulates the work of the sebaceous glands. Vicious circle. Try using a dry shampoo - after a while the hair will no longer require daily washing. So you get rid of the need for daily drying with a hairdryer.

No. 9. You give your girlfriends to use your makeup.

Fortunately, the majority of this habit remained in a distant youth, when lipstick or mascara was shared with friends, because not everyone had their own makeup, but everyone wanted to be beautiful. However, I happened to be a witness to an amazing situation when an adult lady asked her same adult girlfriend to use powder to remove the greasy luster from her face. Need I say how unhygienic this habit is?

10 bad beauty-habits, from which it is time to get rid of

No. 10. You ignore moisturizers.

During sleep, the skin comes to life after a hard day. The body includes all the restorative processes to the maximum, therefore, to help the skin, use your usual moisturizers, gels and lotions. Especially if the skin suffers from dryness. Sometimes laziness to perform all these rituals, for example, if you are very tired, but think about your skin and take at least a couple of minutes to it. You will thank yourself when you wake up in the morning with a moistened, rested skin.


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