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10 most interesting TV shows about students

Student life is so interesting and fun that you can make not only films, but also TV shows about it. And which of them really deserve attention?

10 most popular TV shows about students:

  1. "Helen and the guys"- This is one of the most popular and, perhaps, the first series about students and their lives. The three most ordinary guys, Etienne, Nicolas and Christian, go to university and are gradually drawn into their studies. But in their thoughts is not a desire to get a higher education, but dreams of a dizzying musical career of rock stars. But so far, in their free time from lectures and exam preparation, they arrange rehearsals in the old garage. One day friends come to a cafe and meet there with two wonderful second-year students of the same faculty: Helen and Katie. They have a girlfriend, Joan, with whom the guys also soon get to know. Gradually, sympathy arises between young people, and romantic relationships begin to develop.But the keyboard player Jose arrives in the group, and his friends start urgently searching for him. In addition to all this, students fall into a variety of situations, including the curious.
  2. "Univer"- a series about simple Russian students: Sasha, Tanya, Alla, Kuza, Gosha and Michael. They all live in a dormitory, go to classes, prepare for exams and tests, get good and not the best grades and, of course, enjoy student life, because it is so diverse, funny, interesting and full of vivid impressions! Tanya is an excellent student from law school, Michael is an Armenian and a conqueror of women's hearts, Alla is a frivolous beauty with long legs and blond hair, Kuzya is an athlete with not very outstanding intellectual abilities, Sasha is a modest and kind first-year astronomer, and Gosha is a sly, thoughtful and charismatic guy. They all live in the same block, so they see each other almost every day, and sometimes they take an active part in each other’s life. And, of course, there could not do without romantic moments. Alla liked Kuzya, but he hasn’t understood yet. And Tanya is beginning to pay more attention to Sasha.
  3. "Students". If you like funny TV shows, then by all means watch this one. It was created in Russia and was shown in 2005 on the REN-TV channel. Then the show was repeated in 2008 on the channel “MTV Russia”. It would seem that there is nothing unusual here. The most ordinary students, the most ordinary student life, which many lived, studied in high schools. But some moments are so curious and funny that it is simply impossible not to laugh. One of the main characters, Zhenya Korolev, travels by train to Moscow and there meets her future classmate Vova Kvakusha. Then he meets the head of the group Sasha, who immediately falls in love with the guy. Zhenya himself has feelings for a third year student Veronika, but she has a boyfriend, Anton, who has influential connections, including with the deputy dean, Gusev, Pavel Ilyich. And Gusev hates the dean Vesnovsky and does everything to take his place. These are confusing relationships.
  4. "Fresh meat". This series tells about student life, in which there is a place not only for lectures and exams, but also for quarrels, disputes, a wide variety of emotions, new acquaintances and vivid impressions. The main characters are just beginning to learn all this, as they recently entered the university.They realize that they are very far from their parents, and this means that tremendous opportunities are opening up. Now you can do almost anything you want: hang out day after day, meet new interesting people, start relationships, do things that were previously impossible, recognize yourself from the new side, and also try your hand in various situations. All this can turn the head, so it remains only to enjoy and relax. But it is not so easy, because you have to think not only about yourself, but also about other students. And that is why sometimes quarrels and misunderstandings arise. Will students be able to cope with all the difficulties?
  5. "The best years"Samantha Best is an orphan, who was raised by foster parents. She dreamed of graduating, and, finally, this dream came true. The girl graduated with honors from school and entered the university. From that moment on, Samantha’s life completely changed. Of course, combining study, work and entertainment is very difficult, but still it is possible, especially when there is support. At the university, she found several friends: the star of the Davon basketball team, the daughter of the very rich and influential parents Katherine, as well as part-time students and part-time bartender of the Boston club Trent.Gradually, friendship grows stronger, and adolescents who were so irresponsible and naive yesterday, grow up and get a lot of life lessons. Will the characters achieve something in life and take place in it and at the same time keep a warm relationship with each other?
  6. "University"- this is a young American comedy series about student life, which is also worth a look. All heroes are students of the nonexistent fictional Cypress School. All students, according to the Greek system of education, are divided into sisterhoods and brotherhoods. The most popular are the three: Omega Kai Delta, Kappa Tau Gamma and Zetta Betta Zetta. In the center of events are the simple guy Rusty Cartwright and his sister Casey. Rusty just entered the university and so did not have time to learn all the delights of learning. And what does student life include? This is, first of all, the audience, lectures, teachers, exams, cribs, "zverrezhka." But this is not all. An integral part are also parties, crazy spree, the most beautiful girls, dancing until the morning and many other exciting and interesting activities.And with all this, Rusty has yet to meet, who has not yet fully understood what is waiting for him, and where he has fallen.
  7. "Community" ("Classmates"). At a public university, those who for some reason could not do this before are trained. And in a variety of ways, seven people entered this institution: the arrogant handsome and former lawyer Jeff Winger, whose diploma was invalid, the lonely mother and "divorcee" Shirley Bennett, the cute blonde Britta Perry, who wants to start life from scratch, former football player Troy Barnes , a witty and charismatic American of Palestinian origin, Ebed Nadir, modest Annie Edison and sixty-year-old old man Pierce Hawthorne, who knows everything about life as he was married seven times. All these completely different people will have to learn to interact, contact and get along with one audience.
  8. "Rebellious spirit"- This is an Argentinean series about teenage students studying in an elite private boarding school. Here you can meet gifted students who have received a scholarship, as well as children of rich parents. All heroes have different concepts, views and life principles, but they must learn to solve problems, overcome difficulties, and sometimes act together.And although each has its own life goal, yet joint efforts and support will help to achieve success and win their place in the sun.
  9. "Cool guys". Listing interesting series about students, it is worth mentioning this one. In the center of events are simple freshmen, who are beginning to recognize all the delights of their new life. And although the storyline is almost absent, some moments will make you laugh and literally tear your stomach, while others will make it possible to stop and think a little. You will enjoy American classic youth humor and fun moments and get a lot of positive emotions, this is guaranteed!
  10. "Freshmen". Many went to university and were freshmen. The first moments of student life are remembered forever and remain in the hearts, because they will never happen again. That is why the main characters try to take everything from their stay at the university, and not just the knowledge that they try to give there. They are simple freshmen who only recently lived with their parents and were under their control. But now everything will be different, because the guys will have to taste this sweet word “freedom”.They will face the most beautiful girls, find friends and enemies, become objects for gossip and ridicule, and get life lessons.

These were the most popular series about student life.

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