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10 of the most interesting Turkish TV series for women

Serials on Turkish television occupy an impressive part of the airtime: in the country of the sultans, magnificent mosques and passionate men they are broadcast almost from morning to evening. Our women are not so familiar with Turkish creativity, although, recently, and on their screens, some of their representatives began to appear.

And I must say that the Turkish TV series has a lot of fans, and it is not surprising, because they have everything you need for success! Passionate love, intrigue, incredible stories, beautiful and talented actors, historical references, magnificent costumes ... Well, how can you not be interested?

Today we present to your attention the top 10 of the best Turkish series, where every woman will be able to find something that she will like to taste. Among them there are modern plots with exciting themes for each lady, and historical sagas with beautiful costumes and passionate characters. So, let's begin.

  1. "The Magnificent Century", 2011-2014. Perhaps, one of the most famous and beloved Turkish series, each series of which our ladies were waiting with great impatience. In the center of the story are real events that took place during the reign of the great Sultan Suleiman I. The main character is a Russian girl who was captured by Turkish troops. Later, she came to the harem, received the name Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska, and, thanks to her beauty, intelligence and talents, she managed to win the heart of the hard and powerful sultan, becoming not only his beloved wife, but also the first ruler of the sultanate! Interesting story lines are complemented by beautiful costumes of the time, which immediately immerse us in the eastern fairy tale.
  2. Kösem Sultan, 2015. Not long the fans of the “Magnificent Century” had to suffer, because just last fall, its continuation was released, only in “Kösem Sultan” the descendants of Suleiman and his beautiful Alexandra Anastasia Alexandra will be discussed. The story of a strong and powerful woman who managed not only to achieve the location of Sultan Ahmed, but also to make her son the future ruler of Turkey, although she herself was never his official wife.
  3. "Waiting for the sun", 2013-2014The story of two women, a mother and daughter, Demet and Zeinel. For a long time they lived in a small provincial town, where they kept a loss-making shop without any special prospects and hopes for a bright future. But one day everything will change: the mother decides that her daughter deserves a better fate, sells the store and moves with Zeinel to Istanbul to her old friend. Here, for a young and beautiful Zeinel, a new life begins - she goes to study at a prestigious university, where she meets her true love.
  4. “Dirty money, false love”, 2014-2015. Beautiful views of Istanbul, convincing acting, stylish images and a romantic story, built on trials and tragic events. The main pair of the series, which, incidentally, played well-known Turkish actors, will have to go through many difficulties in order to achieve their goal: to punish the guilty and revenge for loved ones. But can they be happy after such a long and difficult struggle?
  5. Kuzey Guney, 2011-2013The love story is as old as the world: two brothers who are completely different from each other, Kuzey and Guney, fall in love with the same girl.Kuzey is a real rebel, difficult and even uncontrollable - he left school and turned into a real thunderstorm of the region. Gyuney is the opposite. Kind, promising, quiet and obedient, how can you not fall in love with such a person? But fate decreed otherwise: after a car accident, one of the brothers goes to prison - an event that will greatly change the lives of all the heroes of history.
  6. "Thousand and One Nights", 2006-2009. An interesting and vivid series about love, passion and the difficulties of life: the main character Shehrezat remains a widow with a child in her arms. She works as an architect in a construction company, however, her finances are not enough to cure a terrible illness of a 5-year-old child, leukemia. Her successful boss, captivated by the beauty of Shehresat, agrees to material assistance, provided she spends the only night with him. Noteworthy is the fact that the serial characters after the filming joined in marriage.
  7. "Love and Punishment", 2010Another example of a good Turkish series that is worth seeing to all those women who love interesting and beautiful stories about love, feelings and human passions. The main heroine Yasmin is disappointed in men after one incident: she learns about her fiance's infidelity on the eve of the wedding.In order to get revenge and somehow forget herself, she goes to the bar, where she gets acquainted with one unusual man.
  8. Leaf Fall 2006The series based on the novel of the same name, which won the title of "The Best Series of the Year", opens to the viewer the story of a large family that moves to permanent residence in Istanbul. The picture raised important issues of family and moral values, revealed the difficulties of relationships with matured children, as well as the realities of a cruel life, which sometimes, without asking anyone, brings its own changes to our destinies.
  9. "Asi", 2007-2009A beautiful and bright story about love: in the center of events is a provincial, but very beautiful girl Asi, daughter of a poor farmer, and the boy Demir are from a rich and well-to-do family. After his arrival at Asi’s homeland, feelings flare up between young people, only not everything is as simple as we would like, because there are many obstacles in their way: terrible family secrets, parents who are against their feelings, and many worries, including so it is difficult to save the flame of love.
  10. Ezel 2009-2011A somewhat unusual narrative for the Turkish sagas in the form of a dramatic detective, which constantly keeps the viewer in suspense.The story of injustice, love, betrayal, as well as the degeneration of one person into something completely different, which, after dramatic events in his own life, completely changes the outlook on life.
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