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10 reasons to be glad that you are 30 and you are not married

Our columnist has led such arguments with which you can not argue!
Victoria Dudina

Having heard the complaints of my lonely and beautiful 30-year-old girlfriends, I was not jokingly loaded. I am also beautiful (and, as you see, very modest!) And definitely unmarried. After long and gloomy thoughts of thoughts, I was ready to fall into depression, but at some point I decided to look at the problem from a different angle. And suddenly I realized that being not married at 30 is not too bad, and sometimes even very good (!) And this is why ...

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Reason number 1. No one makes the brain!

Why so late came from work? There is nothing at home! What kind of man calls you for work after nine in the evening?

In vain it is assumed that it is women who are champions in brain removal. Men always and in all are superior to us, and in this matter, no doubt, they are also masters of level 80.

Reason number 2. Do not miss all the fun

Ask for a husband to sit with colleagues at the bar after work? Abandon noisy parties in clubs because,according to your faithful, "women go there only for one"? To skip the monthly get-togethers with friends, as he asked to stay at home? Well, I do not. Dudka!

Reason number 3. You feel like a woman, not a dishwasher

Honey, where are my socks? What shirt should I wear today? How many times have I explained to you how to make arrows on trousers?

Oooh! Alas, complete with your beloved man, you get and an additional set of responsibilities for the house.

Personally, I am a conservative person. My mother since childhood drove into my head that keeping a household is a purely female duty. OK Agree. Cooking, cleaning and even taking out the trash can - no problem!

But why turn a woman into a maid? Is it really so difficult to put dirty socks in a washing machine and press the “start” button?

“Is it so hard for you?”

“Yes, damn it, it's hard! I'm arrows on your trousers naglazhivayu! And then I'll go get dinner. And then wash all the dishes. And you lie down, watch telly. Well, or play games on the computer ... "

Reason number 4. No one wakes you up on Saturday morning ...

"Honey, what are we having for breakfast today?"

After a hard week of work, you damn want to sleep until lunchtime, and better until evening.Instead, you hear: “Honey, and what do we have for breakfast today?”, You rise and slowly trudge to the kitchen, bumping into the shoals that exist in the apartment on the way ...

And you will not say anything, because once he also dragged you coffee to bed. A couple of times. At the very beginning of the bouquet-candy period ...

Reason number 5. No need to go to his mom ...

Yes Yes! I will tell you a big secret! Some women, like men, hate gatherings with their parents. Especially on the weekend. Especially when you were picked up in the morning for an omelet ...

March 7, 2017Victoria Dudina

totally disagree with the article! somehow too many contradictions ... The article states that on the one hand a man is a goat, he throws socks under the bed and asks to make breakfast, and on the other hand, in the heavenly office, they have long taken care of the appearance of such a goat in your life. and you wait, you will not wait for this event and sadly wipe your snot on cold winter evenings ... in my opinion loneliness is a lousy thing. and do not confuse it with self-sufficiency. and I also think that a lot depends on the choice of a man, there is always one who cooks himself with pleasure and doesn’t require money for new tires from you. Oh yeah, I'm 30 years old and married))

Fu on you)

And then there are men with whom you can afford all of this (except maybe 8 and 10). If you have not met such people, then continue to console yourself and readers with such nonsense.

With a good husband, you can continue to do almost all of the above, and these 10 points are pathetic attempts to comfort old girls.

Everyone has their own concept of "good husband"

Brad, not an article. I agree that with my beloved, understanding person, every passing day is a joy. And breakfast on the weekend will cook, and wash the dishes, and in general, always hold, and understand! And the day will be filled with exciting anticipation with her husband ... who knows what he will please today? Every day I begin is sunny, in spite of the weather, thanks to a wonderful husband and man. You just need to find your man!

Why so sharply respond. Just women who can not find their prince are justified and find reasons to rejoice in their loneliness)

ahahahahahaha)))) breeeeeee)))) in 30 years such reassurance ... well, now at 31, the opposite is true: oh, I want socks under the bed ... oh, who would cook borscht ... well, and so on in the text ... Girls, my dear !!! Everything should be on time !!!! And, without justifying speeches !!!! Katerina, 36 (not married)

a guest02.04.18 07:36

36 not married))) all the rules !!!

ANSWER - 383356: Katya, I, of course, agree with you. Everything must be on time. And socks, and soup. And in general, all this only brings joy, if a man is loved. But what if you can't meet your soul mate? Or you found it, and then lost it (due to circumstances beyond anybody). And to fall in love again, to meet a person in your heart does not succeed in any way ?! What to do in this case? Get discouraged ??? No! No! And again, no! In my opinion, it is much better to look for positive moments in your own loneliness. And morally prepare for a new beautiful meeting) And those who say that all these 10 points are nonsense ... Are you serious? I do not believe that on Earth there is in general such an ideal husband who could from time to time not infuriate at least one of all the above points. And one more important point - the article is not about how bad it is to be married, but rather that everything should be treated with humor. Including - to his loneliness. Otherwise, you can already put a cross on yourself and start 10 cats.

ANSWER - ruda: You are very jealous of millions of women around the world. Take care of him !!!)))

Why is having a husband at 30 is a serious indicator? These angry comments cause laughter.In time ... And who puts the framework? Why is being "married" at 30? Perhaps that is why many women are trying so hard to get married, if only you had a man and no matter what. And then they convince themselves that cooking, washing and cleaning for a man every day, forgetting about himself, is happiness. Love passes, and washing / cleaning bothers. Well-groomed and happy women in marriage, I saw one. More often I see tired people burdened with domestic work, women are 30 years old.

a guest01.06.16 23:41

And then there are those who suffer beatings, convincing themselves that this is better than being alone.

Limonad - Unfortunately, in our society it happened historically. Since childhood, girls have been terrorized by marriage. There are a lot of beautiful women who have married for love (and ATTENTION! THERE WILL NOT BE GOING ABOUT THEM IN THE NEXT OFFER !!!). And there is a whole crowd of wedges who set marriage as their life goal. You yourself probably met these. For example, at the university, everyone dreams of getting an education and a career, and they (klushi) solely get married. Those who do not want to be klushi receive the stigma of the old maiden. I would like to recall in this situation the Griboyed "Woe from Wit." Who are the judges ??? !!! This is my personal position,which may not coincide with the opinions of others or may be wrong (!) And yet, I believe that a woman should realize herself not only in motherhood, but also in something else. Otherwise, she risks becoming a degradant. If tomatoes are going to fly into me now, I'm ready to catch them. And once again - girls, I'm sorry, I hope that I have not offended anyone. This is just my position.

The author of the post - a narrow-minded person, devoid of intelligence and male attention. Some kind of militant man-hater. Why It's simple. Any relationship is a trade-off between one's shortcomings and his / her. Living alone is always easier. But this is a choice of wimps incapable of creating. The reasons given in this opus are one-sided and more like quibbles.

1. To carry out mogz (if there is one) both partners are perfectly able to.

2. Do not "seek", and agree on plans. We are not looking at each other and do not miss the fun. We coordinate each other's plans.

3. Genesis kills relationships. Both should work to maintain comfort. She has great salads

And it's hot, I have cleaning and dishwashing. By the way, to wash the dishes for a man I consider the same duty as protecting my beloved one or taking out the garbage.

4.A dream for me is holy. I myself am very jealous of this, but even there must be exceptions. If they wake you up only to say: "I am hungry. Prepare me." - this is foul and disrespectful.

But if they wake up with kisses or for morning sex (but not intrusively), then this is completely different.

5. Do you need to go to her mom?

Parents are holy. Love and respect them equally well, although some do not deserve it.

You yourself dim-witted and notorious not capable without .... live.

Individuals who begin their communication with the words: "You yourself ..." clearly underline the absence of elementary primordia of intellect, unable to make objective arguments and object. By the way, I am the CAM, not myself, and I also disagree with your further statements.

a guest01.06.16 23:37

I also did not like the article. I do not agree with any item.

a guest23.09.16 08:29

Lord, that this nonsense! The obvious post of a person who does not want to take responsibility and justifies it with a high from the shooter in his eyes!

a guest27.09.16 00:27

All right! Wonderful article. I got married at the age of 20. And from all this is the joy that a son was born. And life really seizes all romantic relationships.


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