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11 months: how to feed a baby?

Kira Dobrovolskaya
Kira Dobrovolskaya
January 8, 2013
11 months: how to feed a baby?

When your baby is 11 months old, he is approaching his age when it is time to wean him. For many mummies there is a question: at 11 months than to feed the child?

Normally, the baby already has 6-8 teeth, so you need to give him less chopped food than before, so that he develops chewing movements, develops the jaw apparatus. All food products (especially fish, vegetables, meat) should not be fried, as such food is difficult to digest. Food should be steamed or boiled. You can also not give pickles or pickles, canned food, spicy seasonings and sweets. New foods are not added to the baby's diet for 11 months, all the necessary foods could already be given to try earlier, it's just time to increase their quantity a little.

Despite the fact that the nutrition of a child at 11 months is quite diverse, it is still not worth experimenting with food. If a child eats unsalted food well, you do not need to salt it.And if you add salt, then iodized or sea salt, and, of course, in small quantities. The same should be done with sweet food. Instead of sugar, it is better to use honey, but here you also need to be very careful: children up to one year old may have an allergic reaction to honey, so it needs to be consumed in small quantities (1-2 teaspoons a day is enough).

If you think your child is fed up with some kind of food, and you want to change something, then simply add some cereal to the soup; in the curd - different fruits; meat is not easy to cook, and make meatballs and cook for a couple. Fresh green onions can be added to mashed potatoes - it will give an additional smell and taste.

You should adjust the diet to your own schedule, because the child can eat, sleep and play when he wants, but it is not always convenient for mom. Meals should be five or four times. Depending on the amount of food taken, you should calculate the diet at one time and per day. If a child eats four times, he needs to give about 250 grams of food at a time.

If the child does not receive mother's milk, then at first after sleep he can be given a bottle of milk product. In the afternoon, the child should eat cereals - you can make some porridge.For lunch, the child should have something liquid, better soup. In the evening you can cook cottage cheese or biscuits with fruit.


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