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2 years of wedding: what to give?

February 4, 2015
2 years of wedding: what to give?

2 years after the marriage - a paper wedding. On this day, it is not customary to give expensive gifts. The gift should fit into the theme of the celebration. In the article we will tell you what to give on this auspicious day.

What to give to the paper wedding

The traditional gift is a souvenir - matryoshka. You can make the present more interesting if you insert a folded piece of paper with a greeting inside each wooden doll.

The original gift will be a homemade cardboard album with photos of young people or a wall calendar with congratulatory poems and pictures.

Of course, one cannot do without various paper figures (heart, flowers, pigeons, etc.) made in the style of origami. In addition to the gift, you can buy a book on which young people could learn this skill.

On this day, in principle, a printed edition is a good present. It can be manuals on psychology, parenting, a cookbook, or even Kama Sutra.

You can give young people tickets to the theater, cinema or a concert.

What to give to his wife

Spouse can give his wife a gift certificate to a beauty salon. If it is not paper, but plastic, then you can glue it onto a sheet of designer A4 paper, decorating it with a bright ribbon. On the paper itself, you can write congratulations and words of love.

Buy jewelry, and make a box for yourself from thick paper. Put the gift inside, and on top fill in the color paper confetti.

Make a thick bright paper box or basket and fill it with flowers and cakes. An unexpected gift will be a box with live butterflies.

What to give to her husband

For your beloved spouse you can make an individual gift certificate with your own hands. Write on a beautiful piece of paper the names of the services (for example, massage, delicious dinner, striptease, etc.), their value in points and the nominal value of the certificate. The certificate can be made without specifying its "price", if you replace the points with passionate kisses. Then your husband can get all the services, but he will have to pay for them.

You can buy a collection of books by your favorite husband's author and hide them in the house. So that the spouse could find his gift, give him a hand-drawn map with hints.

Make a man a "delicious" poster. Glue various sweets to the drawing paper and do not forget to leave affectionate signatures.


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