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4 good reasons to use coffee filters for indoor plants

Many fans of indoor plants prefer to plant them not directly in the pot, but in the paper filter for the coffee maker. It is filled with soil, and then placed in a pot. Do not rush to call this behavior strange, he has at least four good reasons. And each of them deserves your attention.

Coffee filters prevent root rot

Every time you water a plant, excess water flows into the drain hole. With him, with the usual planting method, part of the soil is also washed out. In some cases, this soil clogs the hole in the pot, which can lead to rotting of the roots. If the flower is previously placed in a paper filter, all the soil will remain in its place.

Filters save the soil from offset by drainage.

In an ordinary pot, there may be another reason for the displacement of the earth. It is mixed with gravel or expanded clay drainage.Plants get less nutrients. Filters do not allow to mix different materials of your pot.

Paper serves as a backup source of moisture.

When you once again miss watering a flower, it will take away some of the moisture that will remain on the paper walls of the filter. There is not much water accumulating there, so that the roots become rotten. But in a critical situation, the liquid can save the flower from drying out.

Transplanting a plant is easier

If a plant needs a transplant, it is much easier to pull it out without damaging the roots. In addition, the disorder with such a transplant will be much less. Take out your flower and transfer it to a new pot. If the filter itself has become too small for the plant, look for a larger size.


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