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44 tips from Jamie Oliver who will make you a real chef!

Jamie oliver- a culinary specialist, having worldwide fame thanks to numerous shows and books, the author of which he is. Many people familiar with his art and creativity know Oliver under the nickname "naked cook", which does not mean that he walks without clothes. In fact, in his work, he reveals all the secrets of cooking delicious food, without losing the slightest detail from the audience.Jamie oliver recipeswhich presents a model of utility and elegance, chooses more affordable ingredients, helping to greatly reduce the cooking time. It was thanks to his excellent recipes that Jamie Oliver became so famous all over the world. They are simple and original. This is what Jamie Oliver wants to achieve, which recipes could be repeated by absolutely anyone, even the most unprepared person.It goes without saying that the result will be a healthy and delicious dish, a real masterpiece, which is not a shame to boast to the guests.

Culinary Tips

1. When you make cutlets, constantly wet your hands with water so that raw meat does not stick to your palms.

2. If you can not find any ingredient, omit it or replace it. It will still be delicious!

3. Taste of anchovies in pasta is not felt.

4. If you heat the lime, you can squeeze more juice out of it.

5. In order topeel pomegranate, cut it in half and beat the grain.

6. To prevent pasta from becoming dry and sticky, always leave some water when you pour it out of the pan with pasta.

7. Fat smoked bacon, put on top of the fish, will give it a pleasant aroma.

8. To remove excess moisture from the potatoes, drain the water and cover the pan with a towel or newspaper, which will absorb the excess liquid.

9. Bacon will give the chicken a smoky flavor.

10.To squeeze more of the lime juice, pre-roll it on the table, pressing a little.

11. To easily and quicklyremove bones from olives, crush them on the table with the bottom of the bowl.

12. To give herbs more flavor and juice, crush them in a mortar and drizzle with olive oil.

13.Pepper should be fried on black, so that he would become sweet.

14. The kernels of apricot seeds will give amaretto a taste of lettuce.

15. Lemon is scalded and with a very sharp knife they cut off the zest in the form of a spiral ribbon.

16. Lemon zest from steamed lemon should be grated with the finest grate.

17. Salting mushrooms is necessary at the end of cooking.

18. Try to cut the lemon zest as thin as possible with a small sharp knife, avoiding the capture of the white subcortical layer.

19. Pasta can be easily broken by wrapping them in a towel.

20. Add pineapple to dishes if you need to get rid of excessive fat content.

21. Zucchini when frying is better to knead.

22. To make chocolate sauce tastier, add an orange to it.

23. Apricot blends perfectly with fatty meat.

24. Eggplant should be steamed for a few minutes.

25. Paper absorbs excess fat from chicken.

26. Young beets cook in salted water.

27. Do not put a lot of coal in the grill - it is better to put the coal on one edge and gradually shift the products so that they are not too charred.

28. Potatoes for salad must be cut hot.

29. When frying meat, pour a tablespoon of flour - this is in order for the meat to be covered with a crispy crust.

thirty.When cooking fish do not need to grease the pan with oil, it is necessary to rub the fish itself.

31. A mixture of crab meat with grapefruit juice can be spread with toast, as well as add it to pasta.

32. The zedra will split the milk and the sauce will turn out to be a curd.

33. Greens should be mixed with potatoes just before serving.

34. To use only one knife to get garlic mass, suppress finely chopped garlic with a knife and do not forget to add salt, which serves as a good absorbent.

35. To quickly make a tasty dressing, shift sorrel and fennel with lemon juice.

36. Mass of eggs, sugar and juice must be beaten over boiling water.

37. Lemon zest goes well with chocolate.

38. It is better to add mint at the beginning of the frying.

39. To chili pepper lost its zhguchest, rinse it with plenty of water and clean from the grains.

40. In order to avoid an unpleasant odor when roasting onions, add salt and fry it over low heat.

41. To prevent the fish from sticking to the grill when grilling, it is necessary to rub the fish with salt in advance, salt will absorb excess moisture, due to which the fish sticks to the grill.

42. Vinegar helps remove excess salt from olives.

43. Vermouth will give rice for risotto an unusual taste.



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