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5 fruit sushi and rolls that will surely surprise your guests

So, let's have some fun and make some very original sushi and fruit rolls! This dish is well suited for dessert, vegetarians and will quite surprise your guests. The recipe is very simple and cooking does not take much time.

Fruit Sushi and Rolls

Stage 1: Ingredients

  • banana
  • grapefruit
  • orange
  • mango
  • radish or jicama
  • honey
  • kiwi
  • melon
  • sesame or chia seeds
  • lemon or lemon juice

You will also need some kind of plastic cylinder to cut the core. I used a glue stick cap.

Stage 2: Nigiri-Rice

Radish for fruit roll

Radish for fruit roll

In the original recipe was used overseas vegetable Jicam, I could not find such in the store, so I had to replace the radish. Interestingly, in Eurasia jicama or radish is used, does anyone know? Next time I will definitely try to cook with jicama.

Let's continue ...

  1. We start by cutting a slice 0.5 cm thick, approximately
  2. From this slice, cut out rectangles 5 cm long and 1.5 cm wide, approximately

Of course, I do not think that every piece should be measured with a ruler 🙂


Stage 3: Nigiri - Tomago

Mango Rolls

Mango for fruit rolls 2

Mango for fruit rolls 3

Mango for fruit rolls 4

Mango for fruit rolls 5

Mango for fruit rolls 6

Mango for fruit rolls 7

Mango Fruit Sushi

Mango Fruit Sushi 2

  1. Cut a rectangular piece of mango. It should have the same dimensions as the radish in the previous step.
  2. Cut the corner with the bevel as in the photo.
  3. Place this mango slice on top of the radish slice that we cut in the previous step.
  4. Take a toothpick and moisten it with honey. Apply honey to the center of the mango.
  5. Sprinkle sesame or chia seeds on this strip of honey.
  6. Use the second toothpick to get a flat line.
  7. Do the same with the sides.

Fruit Sushi Nigiri Tomago (sushi with a special omelette) are ready!

Stage 4: Nigiri - Ebi

Fruit Sushi with Melon

Fruit Sushi with Melon 2

Fruit sushi with melon 3

Fruit Sushi with Melon 4

Fruit sushi with melon 5

Fruit Sushi with Melon 6

Fruit sushi with melon 7

Fruit sushi with melon 8

Fruit Sushi with Melon 9

Fruit Sushi with Melon 10

  1. Cut a rectangular piece of melon. It should be a little longer than the radish. From one end make a cut at an angle.
  2. Cut the corners on the other side to give the rectangle a rounded look.
  3. From the middle of the piece make a cut at a sharp angle, as in the photo.
  4. In order to get the tail, cut a triangle of such size from the thin side of the melon piece so that it hangs over the piece of radish.
  5. To make a texture, make cuts on the upper side of the melon. A small incision at an angle, then vertical and then remove the excess part.
  6. Put the resulting piece of "fish" on top of radish. All is ready.

Fruit Sushi Nigiri Ebi (sushi with shrimp) are ready!

Stage 5: Nigiri - Toro

Fruit sushi and grapefruit rolls

Fruit sushi and rolls with grapefruit 2

Fruit sushi and rolls with grapefruit 3

Fruit sushi and rolls with grapefruit 4

Fruit Sushi and Grapefruit Rolls 5

  1. Take a grapefruit slice and remove the white peel from it.
  2. Cut the slice in such a way that it is the size of a piece of radish.
  3. Cut diagonally as shown in the photo.
  4. Put the grapefruit on top of the radish slice.

Fruit sushi Nigiri Toro (sushi with tuna) ready!

Stage 6: Rolls - Shell

Fruit Rolls - Shell

Fruit Rolls - Shell 2

Fruit Rolls - Sheath 3

Fruit Rolls - Sheath 4

Fruit Rolls - Sheath 5

Fruit Rolls - Sheath 6

Fruit Rolls - Sheath 7

Fruit Rolls - Shell 8

Fruit Rolls - Shell 9

  1. Cut the bananas in small circles.
  2. Take a plastic cap of the appropriate diameter and remove the core of the banana. It may be convenient to place a polyethylene film inside the cap or a stretch - it will be easier to remove the banana residues from inside the cap.
  3. Remove the banana peel and dab the banana into the lemon juice to prevent it from darkening.
  4. Dip a banana well in honey.
  5. Roll the banana over chia seeds (or sesame).
  6. With a toothpick, remove or move seeds that are out of place.

Stage 7: Rolls - Interiors

Fruit roll insides

The insides of fruit roll 2

Inner Fruit Roll 3

Inner Fruit Roll 4

Inner Fruit Roll 5

Inner Fruit Roll 6

Inner Fruit Roll 7

The insides of a fruit roll 8

The insides of a fruit roll 9

The insides of a fruit roll 10

The insides of a fruit roll 11

The insides of fruit roll 12

  1. Cut round kiwi and melon slices to fill the center of the roll. If your rolls turned out to be high enough, then you can put a piece of the banana inside, which you cut out in the previous step, and put a kiwi or melon on top.
  2. Grapefruit can simply be placed in small rolls inside the roll until it is completely filled.
  3. Try different combinations of fruits to make colorful rolls with an original taste.

That's how relatively simple you can make fruit sushi at home. This is a great idea, for example for the birth of a child. Our children were delighted.


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