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5 main causes of female adultery

I will not write about women for whom sex is bordered by sporting interest and moral principles mean nothing - like ladies in fact are few. And if a man is lucky to link his fate with such a woman, there is nothing to discuss: a nymphomaniac can be seen a mile away, and either a very passionate man or a very stupid man can marry such a man.

I want to identify the reasons for the change of monogamous women, for whom fidelity is not an empty phrase, but the vicissitudes of relations push them to this step. I am deeply convinced that the main cause of female adultery is a chronic lack of attention. A woman constantly needs to know that she is loved and desired, and if she does not receive it from a regular partner, another person appears next to her who closes her need for affection and attention.

To be specific, the most frequent causes of female adultery are only five:

The first reason is the indifference of the partner

What usually happens after a man has won his chosen one? In most couples, he loses interest in her, and the fact that women “love with their ears” is forgotten very quickly.Favorite turns into a housekeeper, and a delicious dinner and the satisfaction of a partner are considered marital debt and are not recorded as feats. Everything is taken for granted, and words of love and praise are extremely rare. Bottom line: a woman begins to think that she has fallen out of love, and is looking for someone who will appreciate it.

5 main causes of female adultery

The second reason is an insult to a partner

Quarrels, misunderstandings, scandals, turning into insults, humiliation, demonstration of physical strength and assault - all this translates into treason. A woman is afraid to break the relationship right away and first she finds the one in whom she sees a defender and an outlet for the tyranny of her husband. Sometimes this is an original act of protest, and sometimes a divorce in the future.

The third reason is dissatisfaction

It is customary to think that men prefer sex more than women, but this is not so! In a normal, non-frigid woman, the need for sex is exactly the same as that of a man. And if the temperaments of people are different and sex has to be “begging”, then any of the partners will think first about filling the lack of intimacy on the side, and then about the divorce.

The fourth reason is disappointment.

It is difficult to realize that she was starting to build relationships with a promising, active, purposeful man, but in fact he turned out to be a dreamer, who will have everything, but not now.So the years pass, and a man who does not back up his words with actions loses respect in the eyes of any woman. Throwing such a dreamer is often a pity, because he does not drink or beat, but sometimes you want to add color to your bog family life.

The fifth reason - early marriage

In our tradition, girls tend to marry quickly, until all the suitors are snapped up, and the guys love to marry virgins. I want to upset, virgins usually get sexual experience, already being married. And blaming them for this is stupid.

5 main causes of female adultery

Excuses treason, of course, NO. Ideally, you first need to finish the old relationship, and then start a new one, but in practice, both for men and women, everything turns out differently.


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