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Advantages and disadvantages of the cryomassage procedure

Cryomassage is a relatively new procedure, which is becoming more and more popular. Is it worth it to go through it? Find it out!

What it is?

In fact, cryomassage is a combination of cryotherapy, that is, the effects of cold and light massage techniques.

Depending on the impact, there are two main directions of cryomassage:

  • Exposure to moderately low temperatures (up to -20 degrees), suggesting ice wraps, massage with ice cubes, cold baths, ice applications, and so on. In this case, the ice may consist of both ordinary purified water and mineral water, as well as decoctions of herbs or juice. Sometimes aromatic oils are added to enhance the effect.
  • Cryomassage using extremely low temperatures (up to -120 degrees). The impact in this case is carried out using liquid nitrogen. In addition, cryocameras are used to ensure total cooling of the entire body.

As for the zones of exposure, special attention is usually paid to the person, but also cryomassage and other zones (decollete, hands) and the whole body as a whole.

How does this work?

How does the cold on the human body?

  1. First, there is a tonic effect. The skin as if is tightened, its turgor rises.
  2. Secondly, puffiness is eliminated. Edema is a consequence of a rush of blood to a particular area. Cold stimulates the constriction of the vessels, due to which the blood is cast, and the swelling gradually disappears.
  3. Thirdly, after exposure to low temperatures, blood supply to tissues improves, metabolic processes are accelerated. So, the first reaction of the body to cold will be a narrowing of the vessels and even their spasm. Blood viscosity will also increase. But then the expansion of peripheral vessels and, consequently, the acceleration of blood circulation and the filling of all tissues with blood will follow. This is a kind of defensive reaction, which should prevent cell death in freezing. And precisely because of this, active regeneration begins, and all metabolic processes are accelerated. This ensures the supply of all necessary substances with blood, as well as the synthesis of new (for example, collagen and elastin).
  4. Fourthly, if the temperatures are extremely low, then partial dying of the tissues occurs. And sometimes this is necessary (for example, with some defects).

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other procedure, cryomassage of the body or face has its pros and cons.

First, we list the advantages:

  • Pronounced effect. It will be visible almost immediately after the procedure, and after the following sessions it will only be fixed. The skin will become elastic, fresh, will acquire a natural color.
  • Safety procedures. Skin covers are not damaged, so there is no risk of infection.
  • The procedure is completely painless. Unpleasant feelings can arise, but they are insignificant and quite tolerable.
  • Rehabilitation is not required. Almost immediately, you can start the usual business.
  • Cryomassage can be combined with some other cosmetic procedures.

Now the disadvantages:

  • The cons of contraindications. Not everyone can carry out cryomassage.
  • With prolonged exposure, the risk of frostbite increases. But it is possible only if the cosmetologist breaks the technology of the procedure, for example, raises the temperature or increases the exposure time.
  • There is a risk of side effects. But they occur infrequently.
  • Relatively high price.


Cryomassage is shown in the following cases:

  • warts, papillomas;
  • acne or the consequences of its improper treatment;
  • decreased skin turgor;
  • change in complexion;
  • fine wrinkles;
  • some skin diseases;
  • increased pigmentation of the skin;
  • premature wilting, aging of the skin;
  • enlarged pores;
  • oily skin;
  • puffiness, "bags" under the eyes;
  • stretch marks, scars and some other defects.

Who can not do?

There are the following contraindications:

  • an allergic reaction to cold;
  • herpes infection in the acute stage;
  • couperose;
  • skin damage in the area of ​​impact;
  • oncological diseases, neoplasms of unclear nature;
  • some cardiovascular diseases (for example, ischemia, heart failure, heart attack, hypertension);
  • acute infections;
  • exacerbation of existing chronic diseases;
  • some serious mental disorders;
  • active tuberculosis;
  • thrombosis or the tendency to form blood clots;
  • severe diseases of the central nervous system;
  • postoperative period;
  • recent aggressive cosmetic procedures (for example, mesotherapy, deep peeling, etc.);
  • elevated body temperature.

Side effects

Side effects include an adverse reaction to exposure to cold, that is, cold allergies.

How is the procedure?

How do cryomassage? Everything will depend on the chosen method of exposure, on the problems to be solved, as well as on the characteristics of the patient.


  1. First, the beautician must clean the skin.
  2. Next begins directly cryomassage. Sometimes the master simply does a massage with the help of ice cubes, driving them along the skin surface. But most often the effect is an applicator treated with liquid nitrogen. The specialist carefully conducts them on the skin (sometimes not over the entire surface, but only in problem areas). The client can feel a slight tingling.
  3. Next, the master will apply a moisturizing and soothing agent to the skin and will recommend to rest for half an hour. After this time, the patient can go home.

The duration of the procedure is only 10-15 minutes. For about two to three hours after the session, hyperemia, swelling, redness, tingling, or burning may occur. You can evaluate the result after the disappearance of all unpleasant sensations.But in order to achieve a lasting effect, you need to go through at least 10-12 procedures. The gap between sessions is about two to three days.


There are no major restrictions. But at the time of treatment it is better to refuse to visit saunas and baths, as well as from tanning and the use of aggressive cosmetics.

Issue price

The cost of one procedure will depend on the problems to be solved, the method chosen and the area of ​​the impact zone. In most cosmetology clinics and beauty salons, it ranges from 500-2000 rubles.

Now you know everything about the procedure and you can decide whether you should go through several procedures.

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