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Aging with taste

An unusual idea embodied by the photographer, he removes stylish and elegant women of the age. It was inspired by his grandmother, who worked as a librarian and was for Cohen a real best friend. Her energy and love of life in many ways determined what Cohen is today. He meets his models on the streets of New York. The age of the youngest model is 59 years, and the oldest is 102 years old. They already know for sure that true beauty is timeless, and taste and style become thinner with age.

Models of the photographer do not hide their age, do not hide gray hair and do not spend money on plastic surgeons. They are not surprised when Ari stops them on the street and asks permission to take a picture: these showy ladies are used to the fact that they all turn around.

Joyce Carpati, 80 years old

Linda Rodin, 65 years old

Carmen De Lavallada, 82

Beatrice Ost, 73 years

Jenny Hirshovitz, 59 years old

Zipora Salamon, 63 years

Kostanza Pascolato, 73 years old

And a few more photos of beautiful women who have no age.

Beautiful stranger from Madison Avenue








Less complexes, more accessories.


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