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Airedale terrier is a funny and interesting breed of dogs

Choosing a pet and a loyal friend, you should pay attention to such a breed as an Airedale. It has a lot of advantages, but there are some important nuances that the future owner should know.

How did the breed appear?

The history of the breed is rooted in the XIX century. Airedale is the name of a valley located in Yorkshire between the rivers Worf and Eyre. It was in this place that this dog first appeared, bred by numerous successive crosses of several breeds, such as the Otterhound, the Old English hard-haired black and tan terrier and the welsh terrier.

But officially the Airedale Terrier was registered in 1886 at a meeting of the National Club of Dog Lovers. Although previously these dogs were represented at exhibitions, but did not have a specific name.

Initially, representatives of the breed were used as hunters, because they had an excellent sense of smell, thanks to which they quickly found a victim, and even in a hole.Airedale terriers also participated in water hunting for otters and water rats. But many noticed excellent abilities and qualities, therefore dogs were used as search, service, security.

External Data

Appearance airedale terrier is very specific, which is clearly visible even in the photo. It is a muscular and fairly large dog, with a strong constitution and a powerful musculoskeletal system. The sizes are average, the height of the female at the withers is about 55-58 centimeters, the male is about 57-63 cm. Weight varies from 18-20 to 28-30 kilograms, males are larger and heavier.

The head of the Airedale Terrier is perfectly balanced, since the cranial and facial parts are almost the same length. Cheekbones are smooth, there are no folds on the muzzle. The ears are small, are located quite close to each other and are V-shaped. Eyes small and dark. Feet small, but strong.

A distinctive feature is wool, it is thick and stiff, close to the skin and slightly wavy. The hairs are dense and have a fracture, and the undercoat is soft and short. Color cheprachny, that is, consisting of two shades. The upper part of the neck, tail and body are dark, namely black or dark gray. The rest of the sites have a reddish or yellow-brown color.A small amount of light wool between the front paws is allowed.

Character traits

The nature of the Airedale Terrier is not the easiest, multifaceted, which makes the breed even more interesting. Main features:

  1. Temperament Yes, representatives of the breed are easily excitable, they vividly show their emotions and cannot always restrain them. And you can guess the mood on the ears, eyes and tail, so look closely to the four-legged friend more often.
  2. Activity and energy. The Airedale Terrier just needs to spill its energy, otherwise it will be spent on tricks. Therefore, it is best to keep such a pet in a private house, although it is quite suitable for an apartment if you provide regular walks and active games.
  3. High intelligence, excellent learning ability. If you make an effort and show patience, your pet will not only master the basic commands, but will grasp knowledge literally on the fly, replenishing their skills with new skills.
  4. This is a family dog ​​that treats children well and shows loyalty to them.
  5. Although the Airedale terriers are not inclined to aggression, in some cases it can manifest it, for example, defending the territory or defending the host.In general, representatives of the breed are jealous of their possessions, so that they will protect them in every way. In addition, the pet can easily be pulled out of himself, so it is worth to show respect to him.
  6. Another predominant feature is stubbornness, which can interfere with learning or even turn a dog into a true domestic “tyrant”, if the owner does not prove his authority and does not show fair rigidity.
  7. This is a rather capricious pet who will certainly show his displeasure and will try to do everything to make him feel good. To minimize the manifestations of this quality, one should be stricter and a bit stiffer.

How to contain airedale terrier?

Although the content of such a breed as an Airedale Terrier is not the most difficult, it does require some care. He is in compliance with some rules:

  • Regular walks. You should walk the dog twice a day, and at least two hours in total. And choose spacious places so that the pet can frolic.
  • Brush your pet three or four times a week with a brush to disentangle wool and remove contamination. Also, trim,This procedure will remove hairs that have fallen.
  • Many owners prefer a short haircut, which is considered the most optimal in terms of care. The long hair remains only on the eyebrows and beard, which emphasizes the belonging to the breed and determines its features.
  • It is especially important to monitor the hair on the face, because it is long, so that it can accumulate pollution. To avoid this, after feeding and walking, clean it well with a damp cloth.
  • It is necessary to bathe a pet as it is polluted, about once every 10-14 days; after walks, it is possible to wash especially polluted places with a shower. To pet water will be treated positively, so that the procedure will be pleasant for him and the owner.
  • If the dog spends enough time on a hard surface, the claws will grind off naturally. Otherwise, cut them regularly.
  • Eyes with pollution and for the prevention of diseases can be periodically wiped with a cotton pad dipped in loose tea.
  • Clean your pet's ears regularly by wiping them with a clean, damp cloth or cotton pad.
  • Once a month should be treated with an agent against parasites.
  • De-worming is also necessary and is carried out once every three months.

How to feed the Airedale Terrier?

Your dog’s food should be balanced, healthy and varied. The diet necessarily includes lean meat (except for pork and lamb), and in small quantities can be given raw. Also, the menu should contain sea fish, seasonal fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products, cereals (from buckwheat, oatmeal, rice), eggs. You can use specialized dry food. With natural nutrition, vitamin supplements are sometimes appropriate.

Tip: it is desirable to adhere to the regime. A puppy is fed 4-5 times a day, gradually reducing the number of receptions to 3. An adult dog is suitable for two meals.

How to choose a true friend?

The Airedale Terrier puppies are even nicer and fun than adult individuals, so it will be difficult to make a choice. If you choose the future exhibitor, pay attention to the appearance and its compliance with the standards, as well as the pedigree. If you want to get a loyal friend, then choose an active and energetic puppy with clear eyes and clean ears.To make a purchase is best in a nursery or a breeder with a good reputation.

Possible diseases

In general, the Airedale Terrier is a strong and healthy dog. Still, the owner may face such diseases as raw eczema, melanoma, hip dysplasia, hernia, Von Willebrand disease, hyperadrenocortism, hypothyroidism, dilated cardiomyopathy, as well as retinal atrophy, keratitis and entropion (eyelid turn).

Let the Airedale Terrier be your true friend!

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