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All sorts of secrets of conception

The female body is most ready for conception between the 10th and 18th day of the menstrual cycle, however, it is not necessary to plan all sexual acts exclusively for this period, and to promote abstinence during the rest of the time. Before the advent of favorable days, one can also quietly make love, and resort to the secrets of conception only if a woman cannot become pregnant within six months. One of them says that a man should abstain from sex for a couple of days, waiting for the fertile period of a woman to accumulate more sperm.
Contrary to popular belief, couples do not need not get out of bed to achieve a long-awaited pregnancy. The percentage of conception for couples who have sex during the fertile period every other day is as high as for couples who pay daily attention to this activity. At the same time couples making love once a week, significantly reduce the chances of the onset of conception, because the main point for this can be easily missed.The best schedule for pregnancy is from four sexual intercourses per week.
It is believed that for one hundred percent conception it is necessary to lie back half an hour after sex on the back, lifting the legs against the wall so that the spermatozoa reach the cervix in full. Gynecologists claim that there is no need to change the posture, because spermatozoa have flagella, with which they can reach the "destination" from any position of the pelvis. Before you have a child, it is desirable for men to increase the reproductive properties of their sperm by refraining from over-fitting jeans, frequent visits to the sauna, and wearing the phone in the groin area (mobile radiation affects the quality of sperm).
It has an excellent effect on the conception rate and active life - however, it should be remembered that daily long-term workouts can cause a delay in ovulation, therefore, their number before the planned pregnancy should be reduced. The ideal solution is half an hour aerobic exercise, proper diet and a special diet (fruits, vegetables, legumes, vegetable oils, seafood and fish).Also, women who smoke should definitely give up nicotine, which has a detrimental effect on ovulation and the level of the hormone estrogen.

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