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All the secrets of hot manicure

How to make your nails beautiful and well-groomed? It will help in this correct manicure. For example, many conquered hot manicure, which some rightly call "royal." This service today provide almost all beauty salons. But if you want everything can be done at home, if you know some of the features.

Pleasant procedure

What it is?

As the name implies, the hot manicure procedure is associated with heating. The essence of this method is that your pens will be placed in a bath with a warmed nutrient composition that will nourish your nails and fingers. This procedure is not only useful, but also very, very pleasant. Warmly relaxes, soothes. In general, by all means try it.

What does this give?

Why, in general, need a hot manicure? What will he give? Immediately it should be noted that heating is a very important component of the process. The thing is that under the influence of temperature, the micropores of the nail plates and skin expand, so that the active substances of the compositions used penetrate the tissues faster and deeper, and this greatly enhances the effect! Even if you use the simplest meansIt will be several times more effective.

Indications and contraindications

In what cases would such a manicure be effective?

  • If your nails quickly break, stratify or are too thin, then by all means try this method.
  • Flabby and withering skin of hands.
  • Increased dryness of the skin.
  • If you often varnish nails, then they just need to be strengthened.

With regard to contraindications, they are almost nonexistent. If you have any skin diseases, then it is better, of course, to consult a dermatologist. For example, you should not risk with fungal or infectious lesions. You should not carry out the procedure and with severe damage to the skin, you just will be hurt.


Trust master

The advantages of hot manicure are that it acts in several directions at once:

  • Nutrition of skin. Vitamins from the heated composition will penetrate into the epidermis, supplying it with everything necessary.
  • Moisturizing the skin. Even if it was very dry, after the procedure, you simply do not recognize it.
  • If you add to the composition, for example, some fruit acid, you can achieve the effect of peeling. Due to the removal of dead and dead skin cells, renewal and rejuvenation of the epidermis will occur.The processes of elastin and collagen production responsible for the elasticity of the skin will start.
  • The state of the nails is noticeably improved: they become sturdy, acquire a healthy color, cease to separate.
  • The condition of the cuticle is also improving (for many, it is in a deplorable state).
  • If there are small cracks, the use of anti-inflammatory compounds will help to heal them faster.
  • Hot manicure is indicated for some skin diseases.

What is required for the procedure?

To carry out the procedure directly at home, prepare the following devices and tools:

  1. Bath. It is necessary for the immersion of the hands. You can buy a professional, it will not only heat the composition to the desired temperature, but will also constantly support it. But, of course, there is a lot of this adaptation. If you do not want to spend money, use any suitable container (preferably it keeps the heat well).
  2. Means for immersion. You can buy it in a specialty store. It can be some kind of lotion or cream. Choose products based on your skin type, the problems you need to solve, and the desired results.If you are worried about brittle nails, buy a special reinforcing composition. Are there any inflammations? Get anti-inflammatory sedative. You can also use natural oils, such as olive, almond, grape seed oil or some other. Another option is your usual and often used hand cream. By the way, to enhance the effect, you can add a few drops of soluble vitamins (A, B or E).

How to do?

The result you will like

How to make a hot manicure at home? This procedure includes several steps:

  1. First of all, remove old nail polish from nails with nail polish remover and a cotton pad.
  2. It will also be useful to carry out a light peeling using a scrub on a natural basis. This will remove the top layer of the skin and increase the permeability of the skin, which will enhance the effect of the procedure.
  3. Next, the nails should be given the desired shape. Some do it after the procedure, but to file the softened marigolds, firstly, it is not very convenient, and secondly, it is harmful (the tissues will be damaged much more). So it is better to carry out such simple manipulations before immersion.
  4. The composition is placed in a container, heat it in a water bath or in a microwave oven (it is better still in the bath, because it is not known how the components of the product will behave under the influence of microwaves). If you have a special thermometer, then take measurements with it. The temperature should be equal to 44-47 degrees. But you can define everything by touch. The tool must be hot, but not burning, otherwise you just get burned.
  5. Immerse the fingers in the composition for 15-25 minutes. The exact time will depend on the specific composition used and the condition of the nails. Look at your own feelings and appearance of the hands (if the skin is wrinkled, stop the procedure).
  6. After the specified time, remove the fingers from the bath and rub the product into the nails, skin of the hands and cuticle so that the effect of the active substances continues.
  7. Gently pat your hands with a towel. You do not need to wash them! Let the effect last.
  8. Continue processing nails: push back cuticle, remove burrs. It will be easier to do all this, because the skin is now soft and softened.

Helpful Tips

Technique hot manicure is very simple. And useful tips will make the procedure even more useful and effective.

  • Do not overheat the composition! First, some components of the composition can change the composition and properties when heated, and secondly, there is a risk of burns.
  • Use only quality products for immersion! Buy them in specialized stores or in pharmacies. Remember that you should not save on yourself, it can be dangerous to your health.
  • So that the composition does not cool down too quickly, wrap the container used in a towel, this will keep you warm. It is also better to use a container that will keep the temperature for a long time.

If you do everything right, then your nails and hands will be very grateful to you and will respond with their beauty!

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