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All the secrets of the great Rome (10 photos)

Rome is a unique city, which every self-respecting tourist should see. And if you decide to visit this marvelous place, then start by finding out which places deserve attention.

A bit of history

The history of Rome counts as many as 29 centuries! And during this time so many events happened on the territory that it is rather difficult to believe that Rome is still present on the world map.

The date of foundation of the city is considered to be April 21, 753 BC. The founder was Romulus, who, by the way, according to legend, killed his own sibling. The city expanded and flourished, and in 510 BC it became a republic. But already in the II century BC, Rome controlled almost all of Italy at that time.


Subsequently, the city became the capital of the majestic Roman Empire, but in the IV century it lost its power and became the center of Christianity, and the empire disintegrated into two parts: the eastern and the western. Around this time, the so-called Roman popes began to rule, whose power increased by the X-XII centuries.

In the XV century in Rome began the Renaissance. And the bizarre architectural forms of the time in the city can still be seen.

By the way, on the territory of Rome there is a dwarf state-enclave associated with Italy - the Vatican. And this is the only state in the world within the state and the largest and only center of the Catholic world.

What is interesting in Rome?

What to see in the city of Rome? Here are the most interesting places:

1. The Colosseum- a unique and truly majestic structure, built in the 1st century AD without cranes and other devices. Just imagine how much effort was invested in the construction of a unique stadium, where popular gladiator battles and other events took place, attended by both ordinary people and rulers.


By the way, the Colosseum is built in such a way that about 50 thousand spectators could leave it at the same time. Today the building is in a dilapidated state, but it still attracts tourists. This stadium is practically eternal and symbolizes the greatness of Rome and the beauty of this city.

2.Capitol Hill.According to legend, Rome was founded on seven hills, and the Capitoline is one of them. Previously, almost the entire government of the Roman Empire was located here, but today this place is a symbol of Rome and Italy. By the way, this hill is the smallest in area and height.


The design of this unique place was entrusted to the famous creator Michelangelo Buonarotti. It was he who built the Capitoline Square, as well as the Cordonat staircase, which any tourist dreams of climbing. Michelangelo also remade the Senators' Palace and built the New Palace. You can visit this hill for free, but if you decide to look into one of the many temples or museums, you will have to pay.

3. The Roman Forum. Once this place was the most important market of Rome and a place where everyone could buy anything. The forum was the center of public and political life, by the way, it was thanks to the name of this place that the word “forum” began to be used, meaning communication and interaction of people.

Roman forum

At one time, pagan sanctuaries were located around the Roman Forum, then Christians began to build their temples here. Then the territory was forgotten until the last century. The excavations helped to resurrect this unique place, which today is interesting to any tourist. And let alone the ruins of the previous forum, but even they make you think about the past boiling life of the Romans.

4. The Pantheon- Once a pagan temple, later converted to Christian.The building is preserved almost the way it was built. The building looks very harmonious and majestic. The architects tried and designed the Pantheon in such a way that the proportions are accurate and correct, but the window is just one, and it is located almost under the dome.


The fact is that, firstly, one hole meant the unity of all the Roman deities, and secondly, the Romans simply did not want to cut other windows in the thick walls. Inside you can see works of art of the XVIII century. Unfortunately, the statues of the deities, which were located here originally, were not preserved, but from this the Pantheon does not lose its beauty.

5. Trevi Fountain- an incredibly beautiful place! You will not pass by it, because the murmur of water will be heard from afar, so after a walk through the narrow streets of the historic center of Rome, you will definitely find yourself here. It is one of the most beautiful, largest and most pompous fountains in the world. He created the sketches of the famous theatrical sculptor Bernini.

Trevi Fountain

This is not a simple stream of water, but an entire architectural composition, rising 26 meters above the ground and having a width equal to 20 meters. In the center you will see Neptune in a sea-horse chariot-shell. In front of Neptune there is a large swimming pool (swimming in it is forbidden).Be sure to throw a coin into the fountain if you want to be here again.

6.Deserves attentionvenice squarewhich is located at the foot of the Capitol. Here you will see the Venice Palace (the whole square was named after him), which now houses the museum, the Vittoriano monument, and the Altar of the Fatherland with the grave of an unknown soldier.

venice square

7. Sistine Chapel. The building looks inconspicuous, although it was built in the XV century at the request of Pope Sixt IV. But if you get inside the Chapel, you will definitely lose the gift of speech from the beauty that surrounds you. Particularly pleasing to the eye is the painting of the walls, on which famous Roman masters, such as Michelangelo, Pinturicchio and Sandro Botticelli, worked.

The Sistine Chapel

Michelangelo commissioned Pope Paul III to create a unique and legendary mural “The Last Judgment”, which still attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world. By the way, it is here that the meetings of the Catholic Cardinals - the Conclaves, are held, where a new one is elected after the death of the current Pope. And the fact that the choice is made, all notifies the white smoke.

8.Want to enjoy the beauty and grandeur of Roman nature? Then by all means visitVilla Borghese. Here you can see not only picturesque places created by nature itself and equipped with human hands, but also the works of such masters as Bernini, Rubens, Canova, Raphael, Titian and so on.

Villa Borghese

Some sculptures are so beautiful that they just excite the mind. Also on the territory of the park there are several lakes on the shore which you can relax, relax and enjoy the beauty of Italian landscapes. It is noteworthy that at the same time there can only be 360 ​​people here, so you will not see any crowds. And in the park there is the Borghese Gallery.

9.Listing the sights of Rome, it is impossible not to mentionplaza spain. The name is explained by the fact that the Spanish Embassy used to be located at this place. Here you can see the Spanish Steps (there are often lovers on it), the fountain Barcaccia, the figure of the Virgin Mary, the Church of Trinita de Monti, as well as numerous boutiques and shops where you can buy any Italian branded items.

Plaza of Spain

Be sure to visit Rome and enjoy the grandeur and beauty of this amazing ancient city!

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