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Aniston refuses to visit mom before dying

Over the past ten years, the star of "Friends" did not say a word to her.

Most celebrities, having tasted fame and money, do not spare money for their parents. They buy luxury mansions, sent to the best resorts, but not Jen. The actress is not only fundamentally not helping the mother, but even refuses to visit her before her death. And it's not about the workload and schedule, painted by the minute. Agree, there would be a desire ...

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They say that Jennifer Aniston did not find a common language with her mother, even when she was a child. And so, after graduating from school, the actress fled to New York. Stronger relationship of the actress with a loved one, when she became a star. After the release of the series "Friends" the paparazzi were interested in the smallest details from the life of Aniston. And Mrs. Dow, using the moment, released the scandalous book of memoirs “Mother, daughter, girlfriend: memories” ...

Jennifer abruptly cut off all contact with her mother and did not even invite her to the wedding with Brad Pitt in 2000.

After a scandalous divorce, their relationship became a little better. But not for long.Dow, instead of elementary support, began to saw her daughter, accusing her of neglecting her ex-husband and criticizing her unwillingness to give birth to children. At that very moment, Jen vowed never to talk to her mother again. And, as we see, the word still holds.

One thing is bad: the state of 79-year-old Nancy Dow is significantly worse And the forecasts of the doctors at this time is not comforting. According to the most optimistic forecasts, Nancy will live another year.

And her only desire is to see her daughter. So maybe Jen still replace anger with mercy? Or will Justin Teru be able to convince her? Still, someone, but mother is forgiven.


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