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Are energy-saving bulbs harmful?

Vladislav Meriin
Vladislav Meriin
January 14, 2013
Are energy-saving bulbs harmful?

All over the world, people are recommended to give up conventional lamps, replacing them with energy-saving ones. It is argued that such lamps are very economical, since they use less electricity. Unfortunately, not always people are informed in time about how to deal with such bulbs, which leads to negative consequences. Are energy-saving lamps dangerous and what exactly?

Harm of energy saving lamps

As is known, today only such lamps can produce light as close as possible to daylight. It is believed that energy-saving lamps are useful for the eyes, so they are suitable for any premises.

Scientists are conducting various studies to see if energy-saving lamps are harmful. They argue that it is very close to daylight, the light is one of the most dangerous. As you know, the human body changes its work throughout the day, partially and under the influence of light.Light close to daylight causes sleep disturbances, since the evening does not perceive the body as a time to rest.

Some people also complain of an increase in migraines after installing energy-saving lamps. Some users claim that the skin condition is significantly deteriorating.

Utilization of energy-saving lamps

Energy-saving lamps work due to the fact that there is mercury inside them, which is why they cannot simply be taken and thrown into ordinary garbage. Although mercury in the lamp is quite small, it can still be dangerous to humans, affecting its main organs. Energy saving lamps must be taken to special collection points where they are disposed of properly.

How to act if the energy-saving lamp is broken? First of all, remember: you cannot pick up the fragments and remove the lamp with your hands. Wear rubber gloves first to prevent skin contact with mercury.

Typically, these lamps disintegrate but very small fragments, so try to collect them all. The place where the lamp broke, it is recommended to wash it with 1% solution of manganese-acid potassium.You can simply throw away the pieces, but if possible, it is still better to take them to the recycling station.

What to do: broken energy-saving lamp? Usually, when asking about this, they mean that only one light bulb is damaged. But what if a lot of bulbs crashed? In this case, it is better to contact the professionals for help: call the rescue service and report the incident. The main thing - explain that not just light bulbs broke, but mercury-based lamps.


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