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Are there any mutants in Chernobyl?

Roman Zhdanov
Roman Zhdanov
January 8, 2013
Are there any mutants in Chernobyl?

The accident at the nuclear power plant in the city of Chernobyl occurred back in 1986. A huge amount of deadly radioactive substances was released into the atmosphere. It was from that moment on that the question began to torment people: are there mutants in Chernobyl?


Around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has developed many legends. Not so long ago, the public discussed the question of whether any monsters live in Chernobyl. It was said that there appeared people-mutants or, as they are also called, Chernobyl mutants. Find out if there are zombies in Chernobyl?

Photo mutants actively appeared on the Internet, but everyone understands that Photoshop can work wonders. Therefore, we need some confirmed facts and arguments. Radiologists have studied mutations in multicellular organisms that have arisen from the action of radiation. In the course of the research, it turned out that some violation of the DNA structure had occurred.

Myth destruction

But, the occurrence of mutations in somatic cells does not lead to mutations of the whole organism,only increases the risk of cancer. In the case of defeat of the germ cells, there is the likelihood of cases of the birth of mutants in subsequent generations.

However, to this day it was not possible to detect mutations in the descendants of those people who survived this terrible accident. Scientists do not make any predictions, but it is completely clear that radiation led to changes at the gene level among future generations (meaning born by irradiated parents).

After the Chernobyl tragedy, the frequency of occurrence of various breakdowns in somatic cells increased in a large number of people and in animals living in many remote regions. Again, scientists make no connections to the accident.

Ukrainian scientists have found an increase in mortality in experimental mice that were exposed to radiation in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant region. The change also affected the offspring of these mice, miscarriages became more frequent, in other words, mouse embryos that had undergone mutations were simply not born.

But let's clarify the situation. Radiation is not the only mutagen. The same properties and many other chemical elements (of the most famous is to provide ethyl alcohol).Also, the dependence of the mutation probability on the intensity or total radiation dose is not fully understood. And it is not at all clear how the mutation is expressed at the level of the phenotype.

From this we can conclude that people, in fact, do not know how mutations can occur at the phenotype level.

Do mutants live in Chernobyl? It is unlikely, now they are there, the Chernobyl exclusion zone at the moment can only with deep regret be considered as a testing ground for a natural large-scale experiment.

Do people live in Chernobyl? Nobody lives in the exclusion zone, but people live in nearby areas. And it is the people, not some mythical mutants.


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