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Baked lard

It can not be that there is a person who does not like bacon. Most likely, he has not yet managed to taste the delicious baked lard, cooked according to the old Slavic recipe. This dish is eaten with pleasure at a snack at a festive table, they always take with them to a picnic, in order to have a bite with the fragrant crust of bread in the bosom of nature. "style =" max- width: 100%; " alt="Baked lard">
Baked lard is cooked quickly. The councils will help everyone who decides to treat the guests to this snack. Knowing the recipe, even an aspiring culinary expert will be able to prepare an excellent treat on the first attempt. Picking time - 90 minutes, baking - 40 minutes. Necessary products:
  • lard - 800 g;
  • garlic - 4 teeth,
  • mayonnaise - 100 ml;
  • hot mustard - 1 tbsp.
  • salt, pepper ground, aromatic spicy mixture for Georgian cuisine - to the taste.
Baked lard

Cooking lard

1. Lay a piece of bacon on the board. In the direction of the depth of the piece with a knife make oblique cuts.It is important not to let the skin pierce. Garlic cut into wide bars. We put garlic straws into each cut.
Baked lard
2. We will rub with salt, aromatic mixture for Georgian cuisine, pepper. Put the lard in the food box for pickling and, having closed, let it sit for an hour and soak in the aromas of spices and spices.
Baked lard
3. Combine mustard with mayonnaise, mix. This marinade will add some piquancy to the snack, increase the aftertaste.
Baked lard
4. Cover the fat with marinade and leave for another half hour.
Baked lard
5. After marinating, lay a bar on a sheet of dense foil.
Baked lard
6. Sealing, send in the oven. Salo bake 40 minutes, putting 170 degrees on a temperature scale.
Baked lard
7. At the end of baking, open the foil. To make the fat brown, turn on convection. Enough 10 minutes of roasting when this mode is on.
Baked lard
8. Cut the lard into large portions and lay on a plate like a fan. Snack ready to serve. Be sure to give it a blow with mustard and greens.
Baked lard

Culinary tips for cooking baked lard

1. Lard the bacon with garlic often. The more cuts will be made and filled with garlic straw, the tastier the treat will turn out. 2. You should not blush much fat after the inclusion of convection. Otherwise the treat will dry, the skin will become coarse. Such an appetizer will definitely not like it. 3. Baked lard can be served as an appetizer immediately after baking. It will not lose its spiciness after cooling and staying in the refrigerator. Reheat snacks do not have to. Many gourmets like to try well-chilled baked bacon, for example, with horseradish. [/L_REPEAT]

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