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Barbecue from scrap materials

From time immemorial people literally adore food prepared with the help of fire - over coal or flame. Oh, what an appetite at the same time played out! Nature, smoke, meat ... But for his cooking on a fire, you need helpers. The most common of these is the grill. It is on it that everyone's favorite kebabs are cooked. Today on sale you can find a lot of ready-made options for barbecues. Choose which one you like. Is it possible to make a brazier yourself? Of course yes! Would have the necessary materials, tools and dexterity. Consider the process of making the usual classic brazier. What is a brazier? In a simple way - a rectangular iron box in which firewood is burnt and coals are smoldering. In the heat of the coals and kebabs are prepared. That they smoldered in walls vents are made - for the best air flow. Of course, there are whole systems - ovens with a furnace, grate and a chimney, on which you can cook and barbecue, and barbecue, and grill.Today we will produce a barbecue without frills - a classic of the ages. What do we need? You will need the following:
- sheets of iron 2-4 mm thick for the manufacture of body and rods or fittings (with a diameter of at least 10 mm) for the manufacture of foot supports; - angle grinder (angle grinder), popularly known as "Bulgarian" or "impeller"; - welding machine (anyone capable of welding our iron); - drilling machine or drill with a set of drills for metal and nozzle -brush; - measuring tool - ruler, tape measure or meter.Let's start manufacturing with the selection of the necessary materials. Iron sheets can be of any shape. The main thing is their thickness. Often, purchased barbecues are so fragile and flimsy that they hardly serve one summer season. Therefore, the thicker the wall - the better. In addition, the more heat there will be. So, we find sheets (trimming) of iron and give them the desired shape by the grinder.
 we cut off
And the shape is as follows - five rectangles: two with dimensions of 180x480 mm, two with dimensions of 180x270mm and one size 320x560 mm. Accordingly, it will be the side, end walls and the bottom of the base.We draw the markings with the help of a measuring tool and a usual sharp nail. Then it is necessary to evenly mark and drill holes in the blanks: five in the lateral and two in the end. First, we drill holes with a thin drill with a diameter of 6-8 mm, and then with a thicker drill with a diameter of 14-20 mm.
Immediately drill a large drill . When drilling, select the lowest rotation speed. If desired, you can make holes in the bottom base. It is also possible to replace large holes with a large number of small ones. As a result, the blanks look like this - see the photo.
In the next step, we weld the case parts together by electrical welding, we clean them from burrs and soot with a drill with a nozzle or grinder. You can cut small cavities for skewers in the upper edge of the side walls using a grinder every 9 cm on the finished brazier body.
 cut for skewers
Now you just have to cut and weld small legs or a stand from rods - their shape and size is chosen by you.
we will weld the brazier legs

The final result of our work is visible in the photo. It turned out a small but very durable grill. Bon appetit and hanging out!
 Brazier from scrap materials
 Brazier from scrap materials

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