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Basket of plastic bags

Crocheting a basket is quite simple. Even a child can handle it. But if you knit from ordinary yarns, the basket will turn out too soft, and will not hold the shape. We'll have to starch, then dry. You can avoid unnecessary hassle, if instead of yarn to use the tape, cut into plastic bags. In each house there are a lot of used packaging bags. Here we will let them in business. Soft plastic bags of any color, including transparent ones, will do. This can be bags, T-shirts with handles, or ordinary bags for breakfast. The polyethylene basket holds the shape perfectly and, if necessary, is easy to clean. First you need to prepare material from which we will knit the basket. We take a plastic bag, fold it and alternately cut the strips. about one centimeter wide.Each strip will be closed in a ring. We take two rings, insert one into the other, as shown in the photo: the right will be slipped under the left. The ring on the right, fold in half and stretch its lower part to the top. Gently tighten the knot. Strongly tighten the tape can not, otherwise the polyethylene may break. It is important to ensure that the nodule is exactly in the middle.
 cut circular strips
cut the entire package into strips
 insert one into another
 is tied up like this
Similarly, we connect all the rings. So that in the future it was convenient to knit, we wind the resulting "thread" into a ball. For knitting it is better to use a thick crochet. Size 7 will do. Knitting will take no more than an hour. First you need to weave a chain of eight air loops, then connect its edges together. To go to the second row you need to dial two air loops,and then tie twenty-three double crochets.
 Knitting will take no more than an hour
knit a basket
In the next row we will add one air loop after each column with sc. Knitting should be flat, because it will be the bottom of the basket. Next, we knit in the same way, alternating a crochet stitch and an air loop, but without adding. Knitting should "grow" from the bottom up. Need to tie three rows. Such a drawing-grid will allow you to make a basket openwork. To make the basket more stable, you can put a circle cut out of cardboard on the bottom. For the handle, we knit a pigtail of sixteen air loops, which, for durability, are tied with ordinary columns. The basket, made of plastic bags, can be magnificent The basis for the Easter composition. For example, you can put colored eggs and sweets in it. Or decorate with flowers. basket of plastic bags
 basket of plastic bags
plastic bag basket
Also it can be used as a packaging for a sweet gift. Candymaker, tied with her own hands, will be a great gift for March 8: original and not expensive. [/L_REPEAT]

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