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Beyonce showed a flat stomach after only two months after giving birth

Short-lived mother Beyonce resumed the form after the birth of the twins Sir and Rumi. Two months later (or eight weeks, as you like) after delivery, she is already posing in micro-sports and crop-top, showing a taut belly! For her wow-return, the singer chose Kendrick Lamar's concert, her good friend, in Los Angeles, which she visited with her eldest daughter Blue Ivy and her friend Kelly Rowland. To say that Queen B has drawn all the attention to itself is to say nothing. See for yourself:




How did Beyoncé get back so amazing form? The singer does not give her secret, but looking at these pictures, one can assume that she trains day and night. Although it also allows you to relax. So, last week Beyonce posted on Instagram a snapshot of a cafe where she spent the evening with Jay Zee, leaving the children with the nanny.True, the subscribers were outraged by a glass of wine in the hand of a nursing mother ... But who said that she drank? Rather, I tasted the drink in front of the camera.


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