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Brigitte Macron meets Brigitte Bardot at the Elysee Palace

Publication from Brigitte Macron (@brigittemacronfanpage)Jul 25, 2018 at 8:17 pdt

Publication by Fondation Brigitte Bardot (@fondationbrigittebardot)Jul 24 2018 at 8:56 pdt

Bardo also had her opinion about the current president, Emmanuel Macron: before the elections she published an open letter in which she called on French citizens not to vote for such a candidate. Brigitte did not like the fact that Macron took the side of the herdsmen and hunters when it came to protecting animals. But this actress has devoted her life, leaving a career at the very peak of glory - at the age of 38!

However, judging by the official pictures, the long-standing conflict between Bardo and Macron has come to naught: Emmanuel also attended the meeting at the Elysee Palace, where his wife was conversing with his famous namesake, and looked very sympathetic. It is not known whether the actress managed to push the bills of her animal rights foundation into the government, but it certainly turned out to draw attention to the problem: the ageless charm of Brigitte will be discussed by fans for a very long time!


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