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Dragonfly Bead Brooch

Bead jewelery does not lose its popularity in our time, when you can buy anything in stores. After all, a brooch, made with your own hands, is more pleasant to wear and it’s not a shame to give. Brooch "Dragonfly" is very easy to manufacture and in order to make it, you need only basic knowledge of working with beads. Even a child familiar with needlework can cope with it.
 Dragonfly Bead Brooch
To make this brooch, you need 7 crystal-shaped beads with a diameter of 3 millimeters . It is better if they are white or light green. 2 more same beads, only dark green. It will be the belly of a dragonfly. As well as 2 round big beads for her eyes. Wings are best made from translucent beads of golden or silver color.
We also need thin copper wire.
copper wire

You need to start work with the body.On a wire 25 centimeters long you need to stitch a bead and bend the wire.
 strekazy scheme
Next you need to string two ends at once.
 thread the bead
Alternate light beads in the form of crystals with small beads, and at the end also string dark beads.
immediately to two ends
To make dragonfly eyes, on each end of the wire, thread round beads.
string dark beads
You need to fasten a small bead, put it on one end of the wire, and then thread the second end into it.
 make the eyes of the dragonfly
 little bead
The dragonfly's torso is ready.
passing the second end into it Wings are woven two on one wire by parallel weaving,threading the same beads first one end of the wire, then the other.
 Dragonfly Torso
 scheme by the wing of a dragonfly
 threading to one
then another
 tighten the wire
Do not forget to tighten the wire so that the wing is rigid .
After 14 rows the wing is finished.  was hard
Twist the ends of the wire between the beads of the body and start like this weave the second wing.
 cr lo finished
 connection diagram
 we attach the wings
Do not forget to fasten the wire by passing its ends into several last beads.
weave the second wing
 secure the wire
The third and fourth wings are woven in the same way.
cut off the wire
 one pair of wings
After the dragonfly is ready, take a small pin and screw it with a thin wire Coy to the body under the wings.
we tie up the second pair
 Dragonfly brooch
Such a brooch can be a great gift for any holiday .

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