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Buy a fur coat.

My beloved wife's birthday is coming soon. The dearest spouse desired for herself as a gift not something, but a fur coat. I also consult with me what to buy - mink or marten. Of course she will choose, I only pay, but, girls, enlighten me incompetent, which fur coat is better and where would it be profitable to buy it?
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Answered on April 1 00:22
You are a wonderful husband, just make your wife such a great gift. Of course, a woman should choose. You will not need any additional knowledge about fur coats, you will simply tell which style it suits her more when she tries on coats.
Answered on April 1, 00:30
Essentially I will not tell you, but I am in the same situation as you - as a gift, my wife urgently needs a fur coat. And she does not hear me at all that it is already spring and a fur coat is not needed, that in Europe no one wears fur coats for a long time ...
Answered on April 1 00:36
I also look after myself a marten coat. I was in several fur salons, but I didn’t find a suitable style for me. Here is what I found in my bookmarks, take a look, here you can buy a marten fur coat / Look with your wife, maybe she will pick something for herself.

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