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Million Scarlet Roses Cake

Million Scarlet Rose Cakeis a recipe.


for cake layers:

pumpkin 350 grams;

chicken egg 3 pieces;

wheat flour 200 gr;

baking powder 1 pack;

Condensed Milk 200 g;

vegetable oil 3 tbsp.

for the filling:

apple 7 pieces;

lemon peel 0.5 pieces;

Condensed milk 3 tablespoons;

semolina 3 tablespoons;

sugar 50g;

for decoration:

puff pastry 200 gr;

egg yolk 1 pc;

cream 33% 100 gr;

pumpkin puree 70 gr;

icing sugar 30 g;

Red apples 7 pieces;

sugar 350g;

water 700 ml;



We start with cooking the cakes. We clean the pumpkin, cut it into pieces and boil it in a small amount of water, then pour out the water, and pumpe the pumpkin (make mashed potatoes) with a blender. Add pumpkin, condensed milk, vegetable oil to grind pumpkin puree, and then grind flour, sifted with baking powder,salt and mix everything well until smooth (the dough should work out like thick cream).

Biscuits can be baked in two ways:

we warm up the frying pan and lay out 2-2,5 tablespoons. dough (do not grease the pan), cover with the lid and bake 2.5 3 3 min;

bake cakes in the oven: on parchment we draw the circumference of the size we need (about 21 cm), lay out 3 tablespoons with a spoon dough and bake for 3-4 minutes at 180 C, then carefully remove the parchment, and lay the cakes separately from each other and let them cool completely.

Getting to the preparation of the filling. We clean the apples, grate them, put them into the pan and simmer for about 8 minutes. Then add the condensed milk, sugar, semolina and stew for 2-3 minutes. The filling is thick.

Now collect the cake. Apply the filling on the cakes, except the top one, and then cover the cake with foil on top, set the load and leave for an hour.

While the cake is under pressure, we are engaged in decorating. First of all, we will make a basket, for this, we cut the puff pastry into strips, 4 long ones, and cut the rest along the height of the cake + 2 cm. in a checkerboard pattern we skip long strips and fasten the ends.One long strip is slightly rolled out, on the one hand a little moistened with water, put on fixed short strips and squeezed a little. We lubricate this entire structure with a slightly whipped yolk and send it to the oven, heated up to 180 ° C, until lightly bruised.

Prepare the cream, for this purpose whisk the cream with the sugar powder to the stable peaks, and then in parts, enter the pumpkin puree and gently mix.

Getting to the roses. Apples are cut or rubbed with very thin slices. In the pot, pour 700 ml of water, add 350 grams of sugar, stir and let boil, then put the apples and after they boil they are extracted from the pan, put in a colander to stack the syrup. After that, we begin to form roses, from small circles we twist the middle, then take circles of larger diameter, wind on top and slightly tip off the ends, thereby giving the petals a natural appearance. We divide large petals into two parts, and make the roses you need.

Everything is ready for decoration, proceed to the final assembly of the cake. Put the cake in the cooled basket, smear it with cream on top, and spread roses on top.The final touch is mint, which is placed between the roses.


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