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Can an HR manager help me in choosing a job? Well, there are all kinds of testiki ...

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Answered 20 November 2014 18:46
Maybe if he wants. If this is not part of his immediate duties, then he can hand out testers to you solely out of the goodness of his heart. After all, you don’t just need to give a test, then you also need to evaluate it, what you tested there))) Make conclusions, give you recommendations, which means taking responsibility. You then tell me that you were incorrectly tested and all the claims to whom? But if testing is part of the responsibilities of a manager and such a service is prescribed in black and white (this is after all, attracting customers), then you will be served in full. But they can help and just like that. My acquaintance found a job that way, did not plan it initially, but was not recommended to her, but suggested another. Now she sees herself, she would not work in the social sphere for a long time, it is easier for her with machines than with people.

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