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Can I wash my hair with soap?

Recently, the exposure of the harmful properties of the usual products and tools has become relevant. So many dermatologists and cosmetologists say that the chemical components of modern shampoos are very harmful. The main ingredient is surfactant, surface active substance - it has a very strong effect and harms the scalp and hair. Therefore, many are trying to find a more natural alternative. For example, soap. But can I wash my hair with soap? After all, there is no guarantee that it will be devoid of chemically active substances. Cosmetic or liquid soap, albeit in small proportions, but still contain surfactants. Today, tar and household soap are considered completely natural.

Tar soap

Visually, this soap can be confused with economic, it is sold in rectangular bars. What distinguishes tar soap is a sharp smell of tar - the main ingredient of soap. The birch tar contained in the soap has not only a sharp, but also a persistent odor, which is very difficult to “mask” with other cosmetics.

By itself, birch tar is a drug that is part of the ointments that treat skin diseases. It is effective in the treatment of psoriasis, eczema and allergic rashes. Therefore, the effect of tar on the skin is difficult to overestimate.

If you wash your hair with tar soap, you can improve the overall condition of the scalp, as a result of which the amount of dandruff is reduced. Birch tar also has a positive effect on the hair structure, strengthening it and preventing it from falling out. Improves and accelerates hair growth.

The negative side of using tar soap is an increase in hair stiffness and a strong pungent odor. To reduce the negative impact, you should rinse your hair with water with lemon juice or vinegar after washing your hair with soap. Or use hair balms.

There is a special tar shampoo, which also includes birch tar. It has properties similar to tar soap. But the effectiveness of the shampoo is ambiguous. Depending on the brand and individual characteristics, the effect of the shampoo is different.

Laundry soap

In the opinion of many who used this method, if you wash your hair with laundry soap, the hair will become thicker and healthier.In order to wash the head with laundry soap did not bring harm, you should pay attention to the condition of the hair. They should not be very damaged and weak.

The main thing to remember is the method of applying the soap on the hair. Bar can not rub into the hair soap. You must first make a soap solution. To prepare the solution, grate a piece of soap and dilute with water. The resulting mass must be whipped to obtain a thick foam. Wet your hair thoroughly and apply the soap solution over the entire length. Foam and massage for some time, but not too long, so as not to activate the production of sebum.

After rinse hair with plenty of warm water. Be sure to rinse with water with lemon juice or vinegar, it will help to neutralize the free alkali.

Expert advice

Experts say that excessively aggressive alkaline environment of soap is excessively harmful to the hair. Using soap makes hair more brittle and dry. From the constant use of soap, hair fades and loses shine due to the fact that alkali destroys the hair membrane.Also from the soap is formed a gray patina on the hair, which spoils the appearance. And it can not be removed from the hair by any cosmetic means.

If all the warnings have not convinced you, and you want to use a natural product, you can try washing your hair with soap. Remember that the decision - to use soap as a cosmetic - should be deliberate and balanced.


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