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Cashback Shops

Now it has become very popular to order goods in online stores - cheaper, convenient, you can order delivery directly to your home. I also want to leave real stores online. I like to make purchases with the maximum profit, so I am most interested in shops where you can buy with cashback, but I haven’t figured it out yet. In which stores do you shop, girls, what cashback services do you use?
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Answered on August 14, 20:03
I love shopping in various online stores. It is rather difficult to select the best of them, everything is good in its own way. Often I make orders on the site of the Gerbest store, I recently found a service, buying through which you can have as cashback from 2 percent of the amount of the purchase. And what cashback do you expect?
Answered on August 14, 20:19
And I have no idea about all sorts of cashbacks. If you need something - I take and buy. On websites, very often there are lucrative promotions or sales, so my purchases and so cost me pretty cheap.
Answered on August 14, 20:31
I buy everything in stationary stores. From online purchases I can only boast with goods from Aycherb. They have a bonus system on the site, by which you can get up to 5% discount.

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