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Choosing a fecal pump to give

Pump requirements

Before choosing a fecal pump, you should decide on the conditions in which it will work.
First, find out the height of the liquid that the pump will have to provide; the power you need will depend on it. The lift height is composed of the operating level of the pumped liquid, that is, the distance from the ground to the upper liquid layer when the pump is turned on, and from the horizontal length of the hose from the pump to the place where you need to pump the liquid, the measured horizontal length is divided by 10 in the calculations.
Secondly, think about how much the pump should pump the wastewater per hour, for small cottages this parameter can be small, since it will not often be necessary to pump out the wastewater.
Thirdly, find out the nature of your wastewater, find out how large inclusions can be in them.

Features of fecal pumps

Conventional fecal pumps, unlike drainage,you can not pump over sewage with solid inclusions, so if you are not sure of their absence, you need to buy either a drainage pump or a fecal pump with a special knife that crushes the waste at the pump inlet.
Fecal pumps have a certain diameter of the suction pipe, usually not more than 3.5 cm, this prevents them from seizing large objects.
When choosing a pump, make sure it is equipped with a float that will shut off the pump when pumping is completed. A pump with a float will work in automatic mode and will not be damaged by overheating when idling.
Fecal pumps work in corrosive environments, so when choosing them you should pay attention to the material of the body. Cheap plastic fecal pumps will quickly become worthless, it is better to opt for reliable metal devices.
If the faecal pump will drain the wastewater from the kitchen sink, a grinder model is needed.
Distinguish fecal pumps for hot and cold drains. The pump for cold drains is used for pumping waste from the toilet, for hot - from the kitchen sink and bathtub.

Types of pumps

Fecal pumps can be submersible, semi-submersible and surface.
The submersible pump is completely immersed in the liquid, such devices are more productive, they can lift the liquid from a greater depth.
In semi-submersible pumps, the motor remains above the surface of the wastewater, this type of pump is most often used for pumping out cesspools.
Superficial fecal pumps can work only in the enclosed space.
Surface pumps are not immersed in liquid, they can be transferred and used not only for pumping waste, but also, for example, for watering the area.

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