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Choosing an epilator for hair removal

Smooth, elastic and clean skin has always been considered the standard of beauty and youth of the female body, even in the times of Ancient Rome and ancient Egypt there were special methods that allowed getting rid of excess vegetation on the body.

Unfortunately, nature had its own way, and almost all women and men suffer from the presence of excess hair, the fair sex, naturally, is experiencing more about this, trying to invent more and more new and modern methods of getting rid of this problem.

Indispensable thing

Naturally, the inventors of epilation were not at all modern people, the origins go to the ancient Egyptians, who came up with one of the first ways to get rid of unwanted vegetation on the body - the use of sticky funds from honey, oils and wax, which was used according to the principle of modern shugaring.

Everything would be fine, but in those days the lack of the necessary level of hygiene periodically led such methods of struggle to undesirable and dangerous consequences: infections and ulcers on the surface of the skin, and the procedure itself was quite painful.

Modern women are more fortunate: today there are many ways that can remove hairs, as painlessly as possible and quality. Along with a large number of salon methods that seduce with their results, but frighten off with their price policy, there are also very effective home methods of dealing with vegetation, these include special devices - epilators.

Kits can be different

The first models of such revolutionary devices, of course, worked quite painfully, but today a great many of their varieties have appeared, which provide clean and smooth skin for a few weeks, maybe for a month!

Immediately the question arises, how to choose a good epilator so that the hairs can be removed qualitatively, but at the same time the skin suffers as little as possible, and the level of painful sensations is minimized?

To begin with, let's see what kind of device it is: an epilator is a device that, by rotating several pairs of disks simultaneously, pulls hairs from the skin surface along with the root, which makes it fundamentally different from a conventional blade.

Using such a device, you can remove excess vegetation not only from the surface of the legs, but also in the armpits, bikini and even on the face! True, for these purposes it is better to acquire special nozzles, which will be discussed further.

The price of the epilators is quite democratic, with no frills and a variety of accessories; any girl or woman can afford it, which is good news.

How to choose for yourself?

It is difficult to answer the question, which epilator is better, because for every beautiful individual there will be arguments and characteristics that will make a particular model ideal in this case.

For example, women with good skin and not very thick and frequent hairs may come up with the most democratic models of epilators, without special attachments and bells and whistles, but girls with sensitive skin will have to take care of, perhaps, purchase a model with special features and characteristics.

It’s also for those girls who are just beginning to use such devices, it’s better to choose a model that is more expensive and more qualitative, because the first epilations are the most painful. If in such a period to use a primitive epilator,then it is possible to discourage the whole life of a desire to use something similar at all, because the sensations from it can be the most unpleasant.

Nutrition Methods

Not the most important characteristic, but if you travel often, then it is better to take into account this moment. In total, there are two main types of power: from the network and from the battery.

The first option is less mobile, you will have to do hair removal only in those places where there is an outlet, and it is not recommended to drag such a device into a shower or bath.

Epilators that run on battery, of course, are somewhat more expensive, the price will depend on its capacity, so before you make such a choice, you need to think carefully about whether you need this one and whether you should overpay. Of course, such a device is very convenient in that you can take it with you on the road and on vacation, for example, at sea, without worrying about where to find the outlet.

Attachment system

Most of these devices for hair removal are equipped with a variety of nozzles, that's where there is to roam the various manufacturers.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the number of tweezers or plates, which, in the first place, will determine the quality of hair removal.

In the latest models of female epilators, special systems of 20 or more pairs of rotating discs are used, they are also called multi-point. It is better that the working head was removable, like the other nozzles, so it can be safely cleaned and washed under water.

The most primitive set includes only the hair removal system, the rest is additional attachments, whether they are needed or not - this is everyone’s business.

For example, recently a very common nozzle - a shaving head, which comes with a multi-forceps system, is needed for those ladies who are not able to use the epilator in especially tender and intimate areas.

There is another option for hair removal of such zones - a special nozzle, which is made in the form of a kind of cap, it is put on the tweezers, due to which the number of working tweezers reduces several times.

Thus, the number of simultaneously moving hairs is reduced, and, consequently, the level of painful sensations decreases. Nozzles for acupuncture of vegetation have become particularly popular: with their help, you can quickly get rid of lonely growing hairs, which, periodically, cause a lot of trouble.

Nozzles are different

By the way, there are even special attachments that allow you to remove facial hair, however, this property of epilators is not very common, and, therefore, you have to work hard to find such models.

The next question that is widely covered by such devices is pain. Especially for this purpose, nozzles with a cooling effect were invented, which anesthetize the removal process, however, reviews of those who have already tried such systems have assured the opposite: they are not very effective, therefore such models are also not widely available.

It is believed that the most effective method of anesthesia - stretching the skin, which can also be achieved with the help of special nozzles.

As for manufacturers, Braun, Philips and Rowenta are considered sales leaders in this area. There are other, less well-known and less popular manufacturers, but if you are worried about the quality of epilation and, especially, are going to master such a device for the first time, then it is better to turn to reliable sources.

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