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Classic Massages

Types of massage vary in different ways. It all depends on what the massage is used for, what effects it uses. In this regard, the following types are distinguished:


- hygienic massage


- massotherapy


- sports massage


- segmental reflex massage


- cosmetic massage


- hardware massage


- self-massage.


Also distinguish between general and private massages. Any of the above listed species have their own subspecies, and can be used for medicinal purposes.


Hygienic massage helps to restore and preserve health. Used to prevent disease, can be performed independently. The main technique of execution is stroking, rubbing and kneading.


Therapeutic massage is used for medicinal purposes. He is appointed by the doctor depending on the evidence in each case.


A rehabilitation massage is performed to restore athletes after various injuries or long breaks in training.


Sports massage helps to prevent injuries,relieve fatigue and increase athletes opportunities. In this case, massages are conventionally divided into prelaunch and recovery.


Pre-start massage contributes to the "warming up" of athletes, preparing for physical exertion. A recovery is performed after large and long-term loads in order to relieve tension.


For therapeutic purposes and in sports is also used segmental reflex massage in different versions. This action is made on the segments of the spinal cord, which promotes relaxation and healing.


Cosmetic massage is reduced to the usual skin care. It includes hygienic, therapeutic and plastic massage.


Massage in most cases is done by hand. But if various devices are used for the massage, this massage is called hardware.


One of the most simple and affordable type of massage is self-massage. It can be carried out with the help of various devices - brushes, vibration apparatus. This is an excellent tool for personal care, restoration of internal energy and prevention of diseases and injuries.


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