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Club 27: Amy Winehouse and other stars who left too early

“Club 27” is a notorious list, which included young stars who died for various reasons at the age of 27, but managed to leave a noticeable mark on art.

They were extraordinary people who did not fit into the background of generally accepted ideas about human morality. However, no one will deny their incredible talent, their ability to conquer the hearts of millions of fans.

Kim johnhun

Unfortunately, the tragic "Club 27" was supplemented by another name. On Monday, the famous Korean singer Kim Jon Joon, the leader of the insanely popular SHINee boy band, passed away. The 27-year-old musician was found dead in his own apartment. The assumptions of suicide were confirmed after the investigators found the suicide note.

Kim grew up without a father, his mother and grandfather were engaged in his upbringing. From school, he became interested in music and even made his own band, in which he performed as a bass guitar player.The talent of a nice guy was noticed by venerable music producers and after a couple of years, 18-year-old Kim made his debut in the SHINee boy band. Handsome with a melodious voice quickly gained popularity and love of millions of fans. A simple guy did not suffer from stellar disease, more than once confessed that he believes in true love and dreams of meeting that very one. The break with actress Shin Saken Kim was very upset - he wrote several sad ballads about unhappy love.

Recently, Kim's career was only uphill. Tickets for the singer's concerts (two years ago he began his solo career) were bought up in a matter of minutes, he became a successful radio host. Nobody could think that a musician was depressed and deeply unhappy.

On December 18, Kim's sister received a strange message from him. A worried girl rushed into her brother's apartment, but it was too late. Kim's body was found in the kitchen, and on the stove was a frying pan on which coal was smoldering. According to experts, Dzhonkhen poisoned by burning products.

“Please let me go. Tell me what I did. This is the last goodbye - Kim wrote his sisters.

Amy Winehouse

Photo: Getty Images

On September 14 of this year, she would have turned 34 years old ... It seems that she was doomed to a short life and posthumous world fame. Amy remained in the memory of millions of fans of her talent as bright, unusual and, what must be confused, the most scandalous star of show business. The winner of the five awards "Grammy" (an achievement included in the Guinness Book of Records) has made an invaluable contribution to the promotion of soul music. This British girl was an incredible talented singer, who became famous not only for her songs, but also, to put it mildly, with steel fists. In April 2008, she was beaten in the blood by two men near a London bar and spent several days in a police station. None of the relatives, friends of Amy Winehouse never built the illusion that with time the singer will somehow change and settle down. This was probably not necessary. Because everyone is accustomed to the image of a shocking and unpredictable star that gave people beautiful songs and lived on the principle of “yes, burn with a blue flame”. She broke stereotypes, she was loved and not hated, but Amy has always been special and unique. Now, of course, we can say that she was killed by her addiction to alcohol and prohibited substances.And the premature death of the star was the result of such a stormy, not knowing to hold in anything life. And Amy was buried next to her grandmother, once a jazz singer, in the London suburb of Edgeur.

Heath Ledger

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The young Australian loved to play chess and once even won the junior championship. Later, Hit, having achieved acting glory and playing a number of excellent roles in the films of famous directors, he decided to make a film based on the novel The Royal Gambit. Unfortunately, fate decreed otherwise, having considered his life several moves ahead. Fortune, as if anticipating a tragic outcome, accompanied him in creative successes. One of the most prominent roles in the history of world cinema is the role of the Joker in the film “The Dark Knight” by director Christopher Nolan. By the way, he created the make-up for the image of a brilliant criminal genius himself and even found a characteristic laugh for his character. It would seem that Hollywood's favorite, showered with his favors, was born for eternal success and new achievements await Heath. However, he passed away so suddenly that his numerous fans still ask the sad question: what did the charming and young lucky man lack? Heath was found dead in his New York apartment in Manhattan.The cause of death was an overdose of painkillers and antidepressants. The actor is buried in Carthatt’s cemetery in Perth’s hometown.

Anton Yelchin

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Hollywood actor of Russian origin began to act in films from the age of nine. And his creative career went on the ascending line. And in 2005, he was nominated for a Hollywood Life magazine award as the brightest young actor of the year. Many critics noted the growing talent of Anton Yelchin. Soon the actor was invited to participate in the filming of the famous blockbusters "Star Trek" and "Terminator: May the Savior Come". And it is quite possible that in the future, Anton would play his most notable roles that would bring him success in a big movie. But the actor star Yelchin was not destined to light up on the Hollywood horizon. He died as a result of a ridiculous case under the wheels of his own car, which he forgot to put on the emergency brake. At least, this is the official version of the death of Anton Yelchin.

Janis joplin

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The rock and roll queen has remained music lovers as one of the best blues performers. She first broke a long tradition when this trend was considered the creative lot of poor African Americans. After all, Janice was born in a fairly wealthy family and never knew the need for anything.True, the problems came later, when the star suddenly discovered that she had turned from an object of universal delight (as a child, Janice painted perfectly) into a young girl with an unsightly appearance. And classmates laughed at her fullness. Janice closed in on herself, hated the mirror. However, this did not prevent her from persevering toward her goal: music lessons in the girl opened an extraordinary talent of the singer. The ascent to glory was swift: her performances on the stage resembled the flames of a fire, the sparks of which, figuratively speaking, lit the public. Now Janice did not pay attention to the tendency to corpulence, acne on her face. This now did not prevent her from being in the center of male attention. Jenise's frantic temperament, her thirst for life in many ways changed the fate of the star. Successes were combined with numerous love affairs, the famous guitarist Jimi Hendrix was among the men of the queen of rock and roll. However, at the same time she was fascinated by the use of prohibited drugs, which led to her death. And sadly, Janice never had a chance to complete work on her album “Pearl”.

Kurt Cobain

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The legendary leader Nirvana was a strange and ambiguous person. Back in childhood, he scared his parents with his behavior. And how was it possible to explain the act of a six-year-old boy who threw tins at the policemen filled with stones? Already at the peak of world fame, Kurt Cobain still remained, as it were, separated from all by a wall of alienation and loneliness, engaging only in music. He was so far from the gray life that his friends laughed at him without finding a stove or refrigerator in his apartment. Kurt, like any genius, just stuck in himself, fixating on his hobby. But at the same time, he did not spare his body at all, feeding it with alcohol and illicit drugs. He seemed to play with death: once a famous musician was barely pumped out from an overdose. But it is impossible to tempt fate for so long, pushing oneself into a corner. At one point in the depression, Kurt decided to commit suicide and shot himself with a gun. Although still the causes of his death are covered with a veil of secrecy ...

Jimi Hendrix

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The future legend of rock, at an early age, adored portraying a guitar player, and served as a tool for him as a mop.So far, his father, tired of his improvised concerts, did not present Jimi with a real acoustic guitar. By the way, the world would never have seen a famous musician on the scene: he almost fell behind jail for stealing two cars. Out of harm's way, his father sent Jimi to the army, where he served for a short time as a paratrooper, mostly engaged in playing the guitar. Note that the early performances of Hendrix were not very successful. And then, on the advice of a journalist, he decided to set fire to the guitar during a performance in order to effectively stun the audience. However, the first pancake turned out to be lumpy: Jimi burned his hands and spent several days in the hospital. However, he later mastered this trick well. One of the most exciting speeches of Jimi Hendrix was at the end of the 60s of the last century. It took place at the festival in Woodstock and made a strong impression on others. And yet it’s sad that the best guitarist of all times continued the “tradition” of famous musicians. Reception before the concerts of illicit drugs has become the norm for Jimi. Perhaps this habit and alcohol were the cause of his death. According to the conclusion of the doctors, he died of asphyxia in a dream.However, an autopsy revealed that Jimi Hendrix had no toxins in his body.

Jim morrison

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In the old Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris, among the luxurious tombs in which the names of Edith Piaf, Frédéric Chopin and other celebrities are engraved, an inconspicuous tombstone has been lost. And it should be noted that many people of different ages are constantly gathering near this unpretentious monument. It is here that Jim Morrison, included by Rolling Stone magazine in the list of the “100 Greatest Singers of All Time”, is buried. Paradoxically, the rebel Morrison was an educated man. He knew the philosophy of Nietzsche, was interested in the culture of American Indians and European poetry. Admittedly, the popularity of The Doors was promoted by the very personality of Jimi, an extraordinary and talented person. And the unexpected death of an idol of youth from an overdose has generated many rumors. Some even claimed that the American intelligence services were involved in this, having long followed the musician and singer.

Jonathan brandys

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He was the idol of youth, starring in a number of famous films that brought him early fame. Jonathan eagerly invited Steven Spielberg himself to his paintings. Brand played a role in his famous fantasy series, seaQuest DSV.Continuing to act in films, Jonathan wrote interesting scenarios for pictures. According to relatives, I wanted to become a writer. It is difficult to say what prompted the young actor to attempt suicide, which ended in death. The doctors could not save his life, and he died as a result of the injuries received. Jonathan's friends claim that lately he was in a difficult psychological state and found solace in alcohol. And then, apparently, he broke down and decided to commit suicide.


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