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Cocktail "Red Dog"

Victoria Matyushkina
Victoria Matyushkina
May 31, 2011
Cocktail "Red Dog"

Cocktail "Red Dog"

At the heart of this cocktail is tequila. Cocktail in all does not have a red tint, as it might seem, based on the name. The cocktail is transparent, but if you look closely, you can see a red strip. That's it, she is called the "red dog." Red stripes, nothing more than the second ingredient of the cocktail - spicy tobasco sauce. The meaning of the name is that the cocktail "red dog" leaves a sensation on the tongue. The Red Dog will bite your tongue. And it's not a joke. Tobasco hot sauce is a vigorous thing.

From the history of the cocktail "Red Dog"

The red dog cocktail recipe is a hit of the times of perestroika, the beginning of a new century. In all clubs of the vast country with this cocktail greeted the Millennium. With him accompanied the outgoing century.

Cooking methods

To make the Red Dog cocktail, you will need Tequila, Sambuca and Tobasco spicy sauce. The proportions are as follows: 25 ml each of Tequila and Sambuca and 5 drops of Tobasco. Cocktail also need a stack - a shooter and a cocktail spoon.

Process of preparation: Sambuca is poured into a pile.Then in a spoon, in order not to mix with Sambuca, pour Tequila (layered). Then add 5 drops of Tobasko sauce. If you do everything carefully, then the drops of Tobasco will harden on the border of Tequila and Sambuca. Cocktail is served chilled, without ice.


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