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Cover with embossed pattern

You are interested in how to give a unique look to the book (notebooks, diary) with a hard cover, emphasize the owner's individuality - create an interestingembossed patternfor the cover and make it look like an old book. You can use your design. This technique can be used in any projects and create amazing things.

Materials and tools:

  1. layout of the future cover (layout);
  2. twine, yarn, or something similar;
  3. book, diary, etc. with hard cover;
  4. paper bag (paper);
  5. acrylic paints of dark blue, dark green and copper-metallic color;
  6. Brushes, scissors
  7. paper towel;
  8. PVA glue.

Step 1

We will transfer the "layout of the pattern" to the cover - the pattern can be any, depending on your desire and imagination. Next, we begin to glue the twine to the cover of the pattern. First, it is better to glue the twine on the main elements, gradually moving to smaller ones.

Step 2

After we have finished with the pattern, let's wait until the glue dries. Take a brush and apply glue on top of the pattern - this will give it rigidity - wait until the glue dries completely.

Put another layer of glue on the pattern and on the cover around it.

Step 3

Cut a sheet of paper bag (paper) larger in size than the book cover so that you can bend the sheet inside the cover and make neat edges.

Apply glue to the whole cover, put a cut sheet on top of it   and carefully and carefully (paper may tear), we begin to iron the sheet by hand, sticking it to the cover. First, we iron (glue) the sheet around the pattern, then the pattern itself - we do this carefully and gradually forming the pattern and making it clearer (by smoothing the pattern several times).

After we finish with the pattern and the outer cover, apply glue   on the edges of the cover, the folds and the inside of the cover, bend the sheet, cut off the excess and glue it.

We wait until everything is completely dry.

Step 4

Let's take acrylic paints (here in dark blue and dark green) mix and paint the cover - paint over the entire cover, sides and the inside of the cover. We are waiting until dry.

The paint has dried, take the copper paint and paper towel (sponge) and apply the paint on the cover - wiping it with a towel, do not apply the copper paint with a single layer, otherwise the desired effect will disappear. Leave to dry.

Cut a rectangle out of suitable paper and stick it to the inside of the cover.


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