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Crochet white socks

We crochet cute white socks for the home. The master class is quite simple and suitable for beginner needlewomen.

Materials and tools:

  1. Novita Tennessee yarn (100% mercerized cotton, 107 m / 50 g) - 100 g white;
  2. hook number 3.


  1. Art. b / n - single crochet;
  2. St - Stobikov.

Knitting description

We begin to knit a sock from the toe. We wind the thread around the finger, in the formed ring we knit 8 tbsp. b / n, tighten the hole. We knit in a spiral the main pattern, grabbing the hinges by the back walls and making additions as follows:

1 row: we tie into each loop 2 tbsp. = 16 Art;

2nd row: knit * 3 st., in the next loop we knit 2 st. *, repeat * - * = 20 st;

3 row: knit * 4 st., in the next loop we knit 2 st. *, repeat * - * = 24 st;

4 row: knit * 2 Art., in the next loop we knit 2 Art. *, repeat * - * = 32 Art.

5 row: knit * 3 Art., in the next loop we knit 2 Art. *, repeat * - * = 40 Art.

We knit 10 rows without additions. Then add around the edges of the loop sock as follows:

we knit 2 tbsp. in one loop of the previous row, 19 cent., 2 tbsp. in one loop, 19 cent. = 42 tbsp.Perform these additions 3 more times in every 5th row = 48 cent.

Let's try on a sock on the foot and, if necessary, perform additional decreases or additions. Next, knit evenly until the length of the product is equal to the length of the foot to the heel (about 16-17 cm).

Then we begin to knit the heel. To do this, we divide the work in half along the lateral edges and then knit only the loops of the lower part of the foot = 24 loops by straight and reverse rows as follows:

we turn the work, we knit 24 v., we turn the work. Then, at the beginning of each row, we’ll leave it unmatched in accordance with Article 1, until it remains at Article 12;

we knit these 12 Art. and begin to perform additions: at the beginning of the row of each row, 1 loop, while the number of st. again will not be 24;

after that, we continue to knit in a circle on all the loops with the main pattern another 5 rows, grabbing the loops behind the back walls.

At the end we cut the thread and fasten it. Perform side heel seams. All knitted socks are ready.


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