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Flower kettle {Decoupage}

1. Dpya began to apply acrylic primer on the old kettle, having previously cleaned it of dust and dirt. Let the soil dry completely. If you wish, you can use a special primer for metal surfaces.

2. We paint the cover (also primed) and the handle of the kettle with acrylic paint in red-brown color.

W. We paint the teapot with a light beige paint to help the foam sponge. Leave to dry at room temperature. If you have not done such things before, you can start with a master class candy bouquets. Such sweet gifts will enchant your family and friends.

4. Then we tear out (we do not cut out, we need torn edges) from the prepared rice paper for decoupage the necessary fragment.

5. We put a napkin to the kettle and glue it with glue for decoupage. Use a wide synthetic brush. Smooth the napkin from the center to the edges.

6.Now after completely drying the adhesive for decoupage, we sand the surface of the kettle with fine-grained sandpaper. This step will help us smooth the transition (roughness) from the background to rice paper.

7. We mature the ends of the kettle using a special medium, bitumen or dark acrylic paint.

8. Toner with the medium those places that are most quickly erased when using the object. If necessary, dark areas are aged with the help of a light paint, which is applied with light touches of a semi-dry brush.

9. In order to give the kettle an even more ancient look, we use a special aerosol "Pautinka". Apply the paint on an object at a distance of 20-30 cm. Let it dry for 30 minutes. Try not to direct the jet to the same place to avoid the formation of ugly streaks and clots of paint.

10. Next, apply a layer of acrylic lacquer with a matte effect on all surfaces of the kettle. Let it dry, after which we wear a few more layers. Our retro chanyik is ready to decorate any interior!


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