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DIY Christmas candles: beautiful decorations for the New Year

On the eve of New Year and Christmas, each hostess wants to create a cozy festive atmosphere in the house. I would like to make various crafts that will help fill the interior with a sense of magic. One of the great additions will be New Year's candles. They can be purchased in specialized stores or do it yourself.

Christmas candles do it yourself

Options for manufacturing and decorating at home a large number. For example, such as:

  • cones of various colors;
  • decoupage technique;
  • simple decoration;
  • New Year's gel candles.

Christmas candle cone of various colors

This type is the easiest to manufacture, as you can use ordinary candles or stubs from them. To make a cone, you need the following tools:

  • a few stubs or white paraffin candles;
  • paraffin wax pencils;
  • Scotch;
  • glossy sheets;
  • glass jar;
  • beads and beads;
  • toothpick.

The first thing to do is to pull the wick out of the candle and break it into small pieces. Then we put everything in a jar and put wax pencils there (they must be built). Put the jar in hot water and melt the wax in a water bath.

During this, from the magazine sheets we make a kulek in the form of a cone and fasten it with adhesive tape. We fasten the wick to the middle of the toothpick and lower it with the free end into the kulechek. We pull out to a small length and fix the hole with tape so that there are no holes left.

Then put the kulechek in a jar or glass, so that the cone was larger in diameter, and pour hot wax there. Leave to dry. When everything is dry, cut the wick at the base, and draw wax out of the paper.

Christmas candles do it yourself

Decorate them to your taste with beads, beads and other materials, randomly, or lay out New Year's décor. To keep the beads, they must be lowered briefly into hot water and pressed into the product with tweezers.

Decoupage candles for the New Year

Christmas candles do it yourself

Decoupage candles for the New Year can be performed using napkins with Christmas motifs. This will require:

  • large round candle;
  • napkin for a decoupage or usual with New Year's pictures;
  • pencil;
  • hair dryer

The first thing we do is cut out a Christmas motif from a napkin of a suitable size around the circumference and height. The next step is to remove the top layer of the napkin and wrap it around, gently smoothing it with a pencil or nail. After that, we direct the flow of hot air from the hair dryer to the candle, thereby melting the wax. This will cause the napkin to stick tightly.

Christmas candles do it yourself

DIY Christmas Candles

The easiest way to decorate is a relief pattern, which is performed with the help of pins with pearl beads. To do this, a pin is taken and injected into the wax, creating the pattern you need, for example, a snowflake or various inscriptions.

You can also decorate New Year's candles with serpentine, foil or Christmas rain, as well as crumbs from foam, creating the illusion of snow. Another way to decorate can be painted with special pencils.

New Year's gel candles

Christmas candles do it yourself

Gel look no less impressive compared to paraffin and decorated in various ways. To create the necessary:

  • gel wax;
  • dye;
  • wick;
  • capacity - a transparent glass or glass;
  • desired liners (figures, sequins, sand).

First of all we melt gel wax in a water bath, stirring constantly. When it melts, you can add a dye. Then it is necessary to heat the container in which the decoration will be located in the microwave or in the oven. This prevents the formation of a large number of bubbles. Then set the wick and fill the bottom with wax, put our decor there (figurines, pebbles, sparkles, etc.) and fill the container completely. Allow to dry for 1-2 days. To complement the decoration can be acrylic, beads and other elements.

Thus, it is rather easy to make New Year's candles with your own hands. The main thing is the presence of creative desire and fantasy. Give them a way out, and you will receive wonderful creations that will decorate your home.


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