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Do I need to buy workout gloves?

In principle, the purchase of special gloves for fitness training is a purely personal matter, because they are not a must-have accessory in this field, however, among athletes who spend most of their time in the gym, they enjoy enviable popularity.

Opinions on this score are very different: someone does not part with them, even doing with a little weight or dumbbells, and someone believes that gloves are made only for delicate female skin, no more.

Rejecting all sorts of prejudices, we decided to find out if this accessory is worthy of your attention, and if so, how to choose high-quality workout gloves?

Good sports gloves for playing sports is not just a beautiful accessory that will add to you points of attractiveness in the gym, it is a real auxiliary tool that helps you achieve your goals in a shorter time and with fewer victims.

While running, you try to wear good sneakers, and for gymnastics pick up a convenient form that will not impede movements, so why should your hands suffer without additional protection?

What is the use of them?

  • Protective function. First of all, it is a good protection of the skin of your palms from all sorts of scratches and corns, which, one way or another, arise from constant contact with the fingerboard or dumbbells. Most often, this moment, of course, worries the female audience of female athletes who wear light gloves even for fitness, however, calluses are not the best decoration for men's hands.
  • Efficiency. Thanks to the soft overlays that are on the fingers of gloves, the grip on the metal improves, and the pressure on the hands decreases, which makes the athlete less tired.
  • Hygiene. While engaged in a public gym, you can never be sure of its exceptional purity, different people took to you for the same dumbbells, leaving different bacteria on the equipment. Gloves, in this sense, are a good barrier against skin infections.
  • Security.Among other things, good gloves are designed in such a way that, with different grips and exercises, allow hands to be in a natural position, thereby preventing various stretches and wrist problems.

What are gloves for practice?

First of all they are divided into female and male. Female models are small in size, as well as bright colors, which are more pleasing to the fair sex. In addition, unlike male models, they usually do not have a wrist fixation, otherwise they are very similar.

The material from which the fitness gloves are made is mainly polyester, neoprene or leather, in addition, they must be provided with a special perforated cloth or mesh that will circulate the air, and the hands will not sweat much.

The material on the palms differs from the rest with an increased coefficient of friction, so dumbbells and other sports equipment do not slip during classes. Models for bodybuilding and fitness are sewn in a special cut: they "cut off" their fingers, which increases the comfort of their use.

There are variants of gloves, which are equipped with special clamps, allowing you to perform more complex exercises without unnecessary injury to the limbs. There are even models with weighting, which add weight during training, but at the same time, remain comfortable for an athlete.

How to choose a model for yourself?

What characteristics should have good gloves and how to choose the perfect pair for yourself? Much depends on the goals, as well as on the level and professionalism of the athlete.

Naturally, it is very important that they fit in cut and size: for this they need to try on, pick up dumbbells or something like that, in order to feel fully comfort or lack thereof. For enhanced workouts with a serious weight you need to pick up gloves from durable materials, as well as equipped with special straps for fixing your wrists.

If you are just starting out in a gym or attending a fitness workout, then perhaps you need ordinary leather gloves without fingers, which simply protect your hands from corns and bacteria. For strength training, it is better to purchase models with soft pads on the fingers and perforations to drain the sweat.

But for professional bodybuilders the best solution will be the most expensive and high-quality gloves, as a rule, made with the latest technology and providing the best wrist fixation.

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