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Eaves - an indispensable thing in the design of the window

Curtains are an integral part of the interior of almost any room. But to attach the curtains, you need a cornice. He, by the way, is also able to complement and revitalize or spoil the whole interior. So the choice of this detail is very, very important.

How to choose?

You will be what to choose

So, how to choose a cornice? What do you need to pay attention to? Here are some important points:

  1. Interior. This moment is important, since every detail (including the eaves) is part of the design. And if, for example, the interior is modern, then the eaves must correspond. But if your room looks like a reception queen and contains old chic gizmos, then you need to consider very different options.
  2. Curtains. And this is also important. For example, if you choose ordinary curtains with rings, then you can pick up the usual round wooden eaves. And, for example, the cornice for Roman blinds will be quite different. So first go to the textile store for curtains, and only then buy the eaves.
  3. The number of rows.If you act in the old fashioned way and hang curtains and curtains, then you will need a two-row cornice. If you prefer minimalism and you think that you can get by with only curtains, then get single-row. And if you want to decorate the window with a complex textile composition of lambrequin, curtains and curtains, then the best option for you is a three-row cornice.
  4. The size of the room. And this moment also certainly needs to be taken into account. For example, if the room has a small size, then the volume cornice, which extends beyond the wall plane, can reduce it even more. So it is better to choose a flat cornice. And if the ceilings are low, then it is best to fasten the structure directly to or under them, so as not to visually tear the wall and lower the ceiling even more.
  5. Move. It is clear that the curtains need to somehow move. There are several possible options. If the window is large, then you probably want to hang two curtains and prefer that they move apart in different directions. Be sure to consider this. And if you do not want to work with your hands and contemplate all these numerous laces and ropes, for which you need to pull to move the curtains,Then select a model with electric drive. It can have a special control button, by clicking on which you can achieve what you want. The option of remote control is also possible. It is incredibly comfortable!
  6. Material. For many, this moment is incredibly important. Today, cornices can be made from metal, wood or plastic. What exactly to choose? First, rely on the interior design. Secondly, consider the characteristics of the design. So, if the curtains are heavy and voluminous, then not every cornice can withstand them. Well, do not forget about personal preferences.

Types of cornices

So how to choose a curtain rod for curtains? If you answered all the questions from the previous paragraph, then it’s time to explore the types on the market.

Design is different

Variety of materials

So, we list all the materials used today:

  • Tree. This is a classic, well-known and a noble version. Such material can fit into almost any interior from classic to modern. Typically, used to make such wood species as walnut, cherry, oak, spruce and others.Wooden cornices can have a different configuration. This option, by the way, is one of the most environmentally friendly. But the construction of natural wood will cost a lot of money.
  • Plastic cornice is easy to install and very light. It's easy to take care of. But such material can be called fragile (although there are particularly durable types of plastic, but they are more expensive), so it may not be able to withstand volumetric compositions of curtains, curtains and decorations. But there are many options for shapes and colors, so you can choose an option for any interior. And the price pleases.
  • Metal curtain rods are very voluminous and heavy, but they are so strong that they can withstand almost any curtains and other elements. In addition, it is also very beautiful. For example, a chic forged cornice with intricate details will make the interior truly royal and rich.

Forms and configurations

What are the configuration and shape of the eaves? A lot of options:

  1. Round cornice - this is perhaps the simplest and best known to everyone. It is a pipe with a diameter of 10 to 35 millimeters, on which rings or clips are put on (they freely mix up on the bottom).In stores you can find round cornices made of wood, metal and plastic. In addition, they are the simplest single-row, two-and three-row.
  2. The stringed eaves is a structure with a thin string (there may be two or three) along which the clips or rings move (a curtain will be mounted on them). This option is simple and concise, but it is unlikely that it will endure heavy curtains with draperies. This cornice will look great in the kitchen, because in such a room more often the windows are covered with light curtains.
  3. Profile cornice is often made of aluminum. It is very flexible, which allows you to make designs of any shape: oval, arched or wavy, and even broken. You can also make a multi-level composition or something else. The material is lightweight, but durable.
  4. Baguette cornice is similar in function and structure to the profile one, but in it all the metal elements of the structure will be covered with a bar. It is very practical and convenient, because such a detail can be made of various materials, have different colors, shapes and textures. So such a eaves fit into any room and revive its interior.
  5. Tire cornice is a structure made of aluminum or PVC with one groove or several. Inside these grooves hidden fasteners for curtains. To fasteners do not fall out, on the sides there are plugs. Such eaves will not take a lot of place and will not "eat" space.

Where to fix?

The easiest option

Attach the eaves can be to the walls, to the ceiling or to the window itself. Determine and choose the best option:

  • Wall cornices are attached directly to the wall. If the ceilings are high, then this option is fine. Any possible form, materials and configurations.
  • If the ceilings are low, it is better to choose ceiling moldings. They are attached directly to the ceiling and allow you to visually increase the height of the room. Such cornices can be string, rail and rod. The number of rows can also vary, and the materials can be practically any.
  • And some cornices can be fixed directly to the window opening, which is also very convenient.

Helpful Tips

Finally, some useful tips on choosing a cornice:

  • If the window opening is large, it is better to choose a cornice of approximately the same length. But to increase the window will help the eaves, which in size will be more openings.If the window has normal dimensions, then the eaves on each side can go beyond it by 10-30 centimeters.
  • Fasteners on the rail should slide easily, effortlessly.
  • As for the interior, it is important that the eaves coincide with other details in style. For example, in a modern high-tech room, a stringed cornice will look good. If the room is made in a classic style, choose a round or baguette cornice. Forged eaves will fit into an elegant room with wooden furniture and a lot of paintings on the walls.
  • Buy curtain rod only after buying curtains.

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