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Effective remedies for nipple cracks

As a rule, the female body is mysterious and, on the other hand, interesting. After all, the fair sex not only amazes with unprecedented beauty, but also the girl's organism gives a new life, completely changing for the entire period of pregnancy and lactation. However, such unusual conditions cause stress in the body. We are susceptible to violations and lowered immunity, which should fill the shortcomings with other, improvised means. In order for our parts of the body to become accustomed to external influences, as well as internal changes, it is important to know what is important to take in order to increase resistance to problems and diseases.

Real mystery

One of the diseases that can lead to very serious diseases and injuries is obvious cracks in the nipples during feeding. They often arise from the fact that nursing mothers do not apply their children well, and they do not start treatment in time.

Another important reason for this phenomenon can be called improper observance of cleanliness and care of the breast directly during the lactation period itself.Such phenomena can not only create a lot of problems for the mother, but also jeopardize further feeding.

After all, cracks provoke a great and serious pain during the seizure of the baby's chest. Therefore, unbearable and very unpleasant sensations can be the cause of the transfer of the child only to full artificial feeding. Of course, such actions can become a huge issue, not only for the mother who will fight with the constant stagnation of milk, but also for the health of the child. After all, as you know, breastfeeding allows you to achieve strong immunity for the future adult.

Why do cracks occur?

Of course, such cracks occur for various reasons:

1. In the first case, we can say that a woman is not properly watching her breasts, observing the rules of basic hygiene not accurately enough.

2. Another reason may be those funds that are selected ineffectively. Indeed, many creams and gels can not moisturize, but rather dry the skin. The skin becomes, at the same time, inelastic.

3. During lactation, the baby does not sufficiently capture the breast, thereby injuring it.

4. If the mother takes the baby out of the breast in advance, when the baby is not yet full, it can also provoke the appearance of small cracks and injuries on the surface of the nipple.

5. Lack of essential vitamins, which are simply necessary for normal functioning, can lead exactly to the fact that your whole body will be such methods to signal a problem.

Problems and inflammation during feeding

Of all these factors, of course, you can highlight the feeding. After all, only it can cause in the most frequent cases the onset of inflammation on the surface of the nipple. First of all, a young mother only learns to apply her child. Therefore, the skin, not accustomed to such tests, immediately reacts to actions negatively. However, do not be afraid that it will be so constantly.

The pain will gradually subside, and the trauma will be prolonged as you begin to exclude all risks from your life, and you will also gain the basic experience in feeding the baby.

Do not give up breastfeeding

If during the direct feeding you yourself the process delivers unbearable pain, do not continue it.It is worth buying in the pharmacy lining and continue feeding with their help. Best of all, completely abandon the attachment of the baby for a period. Until all the wounds have healed completely. In serious cases, it may happen that you simply have to postpone the attachment of the child, if the cracks in the nipples of the breast will cause a risk to your health.

How to get rid of the disease

To cope with the problem, of course, you can. It is necessary to use various creams, and also appeal to folk remedies is quite appropriate. Many mothers talk about the effectiveness of sea buckthorn oil, which not only moisturizes very effectively, but also protects delicate skin.

Among the modern methods can be called the use of Panthenol, which quickly contributes to the tightening of wounds. In general, we can say that a woman will need gels and creams, as well as excipients, which contain vitamins from an important group B.

Buy special underwear

Of course, cracks in the nipples are not very pleasant phenomena. After all, they can completely jeopardize the possibility of the most intimate contact with their baby with constant breastfeeding.So a woman should conduct confident and accurate prevention long before the lactation period.

After all, only the prevention of the disease can be the most effective means not only for the basic relief of the general condition, but also to get rid of the most terrible problems and inflammatory conditions most accurately.

Prevention of nipple cracking

It is known that during pregnancy our body undergoes major and serious changes that are very noticeable not only from the inside, but also from the outside. The skin should be prepared so that it can stretch out in the shortest possible period.

The breast becomes several times larger. Therefore, it is worthwhile to think about what clothes to choose for permanent situations. Remember that the bra should be made from natural, cotton fabrics. This will provide reliable protection and support for your breasts during the pregnancy period.

Avoid cramped and small sizes. Nothing should bring discomfort. Try to refuse foam cups.

It is desirable in the last trimester of gestation, as well as after childbirth to release the breasts and nipples from any clothing.Let your skin breathe unimpeded. It will do you good, and it will also make it easier for you. After all, clothing can also injure nipples, as well as aggravate the condition if cracks have already appeared.

After the shower it is desirable to wash the breast with cold water, tempering, at the same time, the skin and yourself, and also increasing the resistance to all problems and diseases of the breast.

Remember that after giving birth, you cannot yet control the milk that will flow from your breast. Try to wear special pads to not allow clothes to get wet. Change the lining as it gets wet. Thus, the maximum dryness of the skin will only contribute to the fact that you will not have dangerous inflammatory reactions.

Do not take away the baby before he has enough time to get enough milk. Try to wait until the end of feeding. If you need to stop the feeding period, simply insert a little finger in the corner of the child's mouth.

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