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Emergency door opening: drill the lock insert

This is the most common method of opening doors with mortise locks with inserts, if you have lost the key. This method is used by special organizations providing relevant services. Emergency services usually immediately knock out the door, since human life is in danger. But if nothing threatens anyone and you want to open the door with minimal damage, then this instruction is for you.


The mortise door lock has a body and a removable insert called the common people - the larva. Part of the insert just sticks out of the door and the keys are inserted into it.
Emergency door opening drill lock insert
In this insert is a special code mechanism with pins and springs, which allows or does not allow the cylinder to turn. Rivet holes in which code pins are located are visible from below. We need to drill out this mechanism with a drill or screwdriver.
Emergency door opening drill lock insert

Open the lock with the insert without a key

Go to practice. Kern point for drilling. It is better to make a hole just below the cylinder, because there are immediately stop and code pins under it. Well, if there is no core, then this can be done with the same drill.

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