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Engine oil

It's time to change the oil in the engine. Tell me what kind of oil in the engine to pour, it is interesting synthetics. Car brand Renault Kangoo diesel 1.5 l.
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Borisov Yuri
������������Borisov Yuri
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You need to contact the service and find out about the presence of a particulate filter. Although there is a universal option. Pour into the engine fill - Top Tec + Ceratec.
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It is best to contact the service, they will not only recommend oil to you, but also pour it themselves =))) Certainly not for free, but reliably and without further surprises.
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What oil to pour into the engine, the choice is yours, but do not forget that the oil for the engine is his life. It is necessary to choose high-quality oil, but do not forget about good fuel. There are fuel additives that are used to increase the lubricity of the fuel. I use engine oil Redline, look here or choose for yourself any other oil.

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