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Exactly: fathers and children who cannot be distinguished

June 19 in Russia is Father's Day. Woman's Day congratulates all men on this holiday, and presents this selection as a gift. “Wow, a copy of the Pope,” - our heroes hear this phrase every time they go somewhere in the company of their son or daughter. See and you, how they look like! And for those whose similarity struck you especially, you can cast your vote on page four.

Mikhail Bludilin, 29 years old, son Vladimir, 1 year 1 month

Do others tell you that you are alike? How do you react?They say that we are one person, everything and all the time. Especially the wife. When I gave birth, I called from the maternity hospital with the words: “Vova is your copy!” I, of course, am madly happy with these words. My son is my continuation, the carrier of the family name and the continuer of the race!

What besides looks you still look like?My son is only a year old, but the main character traits and makings, it seems to me, are already showing up. In this regard, he is a “puzzle” assembled from mom and dad. Already now, with 100% certainty, I can say that from me he received an excellent sense of rhythm and love for bananas.The rest is debatable, but that’s definitely mine.

Your main father's advice son.When the son grows up a little, my main advice to him will be the phrase: "Love the creativity in yourself, not yourself in the works." I have no doubt that from his parents he will inherit their best talents and, by synthesizing them, he will be able to realize himself in any direction close to him. Our children should be better than us!

Alexander Boev, 32 years old, Yegor Boev, 1 year 1 month

Do others tell you that you are alike? How do you react?

My son is like me, and everyone says that! I am very happy and proud of it!

What besides looks you still look like?

My son and I even walk the same.

Your main father's advice son.

Be human!

Ruslan Gorkavchenko, 30 years old, Ilya, 3 years 5 months

Do others tell you that you are alike? How do you react?Surrounding people often say that the son is a copy of the pope. We take it with joy, saying that it was planned that way or that our mother has a photocopier.

What besides looks you still look like?Similar hobbies - both love technology, gadgets, cars and robots. They have the same eating habits, they are very fond of semolina, ice cream and bananas, as well as a salad with crab sticks.Both love to watch movies, and both are beautiful draw.

The main father's advice to his son.Think first, then do it.

Alexey Ilyasov, 30 years old, Ksenia, 4 years old, Alexandra, 2 years old

Do others tell you that you are alike? How do you react?They say, of course, very nice.

What besides looks you still look like?

Both acrobats, like dad, are responsive and very kind. They like dumplings and ice cream. Yes, and still sleep the same way.

Your main father's advice to daughters.

They are still small, but I say that you need to listen and respect the elders, always be clean and tidy as I show them, love your loved ones and, of course, do not quarrel with each other, because they are sisters.

Sergey Klyus, Ulyana, 5 years old, Alicia, 3 years old and little Ruslan, 2 months

Do others tell you that you are alike? How do you react?When you first look at our family, it seems that the children are completely my mother's copy. But it is only in appearance. All the power and energy lies inside! Daughter took mad energy from dad. Artistry, enthusiasm, sense of humor, mobility - this, of course, my father's merit. I am always amazed at the energy of our dad, but in her daughters she directly beats the fountain!

What besides looks like?Sergey and Ruslan - according to the horoscope, both Aries and both were born in the Year of the Monkey. I can not but rejoice, because the characters of my two favorite men should be the same.

The main father's advice to children.We love our dad a lot and we consider him a great example for everyone. I want the children to take all the best from their parents - this makes us eradicate all the bad qualities in ourselves! At this rate, we will soon become perfect.

Vyacheslav Kardashov, 43 years old, Victoria, 22 years old.

Do others say that they are alike? How do you react?

Not very often. Dad responds calmly and always with a smile.

What, besides looks, are similar?

Dad and daughter have the same character. Vika is kind, calm and loves to talk. And they both just adore grandmothers patties with cabbage.

The main father's advice daughter.

Never fear anyone or anything! In general, the daughter - Capricorn by horoscope, and it makes no sense to give her advice. She still does everything in her own way.

Dad's copy. Compare
Photo: Personal Archive
Dad's copy. Compare
Photo: Personal Archive

Vasily Valeryevich Tarakanov, 49 years old, Olga, 17 years old

Do others tell you that you are alike? How do you react?

Yes, they often say. We like it.

What, besides looks, do you look like?

We are united by the fascination with reading, analytical mind, the ability to cook delicious food without cooking books. But eating habits vary greatly: a daughter is a vegetarian, she can't stand the fish. The father loves meat and fish, but turns away from the bell pepper. For example, during a trip to Spain this difference was critical - it was impossible to choose an acceptable food.

The main father's advice daughter.

Listen to only those tips that you yourself asked. But still carefully listen to the advice of his father.

Vitaly Kotov, 31, Aurora, 4.5 years

Do others tell you that you are alike? How do you react?She is very similar to me in childhood, and even more so to my dad, they even have birthmarks on her arm the same. Everyone says that we are like, it is good to hear.

What besides looks you still look like?We are very similar in temperament, she is as restless, she cannot concentrate on anything for a long time, quickly takes a great interest in new affairs, speaks a lot, as I do! We even have common sports hobbies. When offended, it quickly departs. Like me, very sociable - with all at once friendly. In any new setting, he immediately finds like-minded people.

Your main father's advice to your daughter.Be yourself and follow your desires and intentions. Realize yourself 100% and listen only to yourself! Be open-minded when you start a business.


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