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Extrovert: who is it?

Yuri Belousikov
Yuri Belousikov
March 25, 2013
Extrovert: who is it?

Psychology in recent years is in fashion. And it must be said that many psychological definitions very accurately characterize a person. Today we will talk about what an extrovert is: what traits of character and temperament unite these people, what are their personalities, what strengths and weaknesses do they have.

Extrovert: who is this

Extroverts are people whose life energy is directed primarily to the outside world, as opposed to introverts who pay attention mainly to the inner world. Extraversion (so scientifically called such a state) is the desire to contact with external objects of the surrounding world, the thirst for communication and practical application and fulfillment of your desires in the external world. Explicit extroverts are actively wasting their vital energy, they do not always know how to accumulate it, as they strive to fulfill every desire they desire. For many extroverts such features as violent external activity, constant expansion of their social circle are characteristic.Such people suffer greatly when they cannot find a way out of their desire for contacts in society and barring such a person within four walls means to doom him to rather serious stress, suffering, and a prolonged lack of contact can even turn into depression. And now from the description of who the extroverts are, let's move on to considering the advantages and disadvantages of this quality, as well as recommendations for correcting apparent extraversion if it interferes with a person.

Pros and cons of extraversion

Extroverts are easy to contact, easily give birth to acquaintances, have no problems in communication, are very active - these are the main advantages of this quality. It would seem that parents should rejoice at the appearance of an extrovert child in the family. However, surplus is not always good. If a person seeks to spend the accumulated power all his life, he can simply live his life in vain. Forces need to be able to save, which means that an introvertive beginning should develop in a person. Extroverts are impatient, sometimes even impulsive, they need everything at once, they adore communication, and often not in moderation, and cannot sit still. If you notice such manifestations in your child,you need to accustom him to patience, you need to teach him to comprehend what is happening, not to make hasty decisions, otherwise he will not achieve anything serious in life. An extrovert needs to learn not to scatter his energy right and left, but to focus on specific, most important matters - in this case, success is guaranteed. If an extrovert is fascinated by a dozen cases at once, and there are not enough forces for their normal implementation, you should limit yourself to two or three, and you will almost immediately notice serious progress in selected areas.


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