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Funny Spines

Perhaps the most difficult thing in cooking is cooking for children. After all, every detail is important to them, yes, and the appearance of the dishes offered by the kids has special requirements. They need everything to be beautiful, interesting, fun ... One such recipe is in my home collection. My kids called this dessert “funny spines”. How this name fits, you can decide for yourself. To make funny spines you need: - two eggs; - a pinch of salt; - one glass of flour; - a quarter cup of sugar (or a bag of finished powdered sugar) for decoration; - vegetable oil.
Funny spines
Beat eggs with a little salt. Add flour and knead the dough. Roll it into a thin layer and cut into strips nine to ten centimeters long and one and a half to two centimeters wide.
Funny spines
On one side of each strip, make a" fringe. " Collapse to make something like a brush.
Funny spines
 Funny Spikes
Funny Spikes
Put into the boiling oil just a little bit so that the dough" grabbed "(the main thing here is not to fry, otherwise the spines will turn out to be dry and tasteless).
Funny spines
Ready spikes to" dry "with paper napkins, and then place on a plate. Before serving, sprinkle with powdered sugar from a sugar grinded in a coffee grinder.  Funny spines

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