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Get rid of fruit flies in an elementary way.

  • Anonymous

    To avoid fruit flies it is necessary to wash the fruits brought from the store immediately. Muushkam will have nowhere to take

  • Anonymous

    Where flies come from and where money goes - a rhetorical question. I have a big apple orchard and in a season, mine is not mine, but flies abundance.

  • Olga

    Pour into a container (using a plastic cup) any means against pests in the garden, add a little sugar, put it in any place (so that no one is poisoned by inattention). I don’t know any other absolutely correct means. )

  • Anonymous

    Isn't it easier to waste fruit before throwing it into a plastic bag in a garbage bin and tie it up?

  • Anatoly

    “A soap means will break the surface tension of the vinegar and the flies will be able to walk on the liquid.” On the contrary, exactly! From reducing the surface tension of the fly can NOT walk on the surface and drown!


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