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Glass shakes on LADA Granta

Shake glass on my LADA Granta while riding. It seems that they are shattered. Is that possible? If I stop at the curb, then they just rattle, and indeed on our Voronezh roads they constantly shake. How can this be dangerous?
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Answered on February 16, 18:28
This may be after damage, for example. In principle, it does not threaten anything. If annoying, find an intelligent master who will tighten the fasteners.
Answered on February 16, 18:36
In my student years I had the same car. Regarding your question: if your frets grant a rattle glass - look here. They may already require replacement, and maybe minor repairs will be enough. Absentia is hard to say. Look for a good specialist.
Answered on February 16, 18:40
I also have a fret, though a different model. And also the glass shakes when driving. It does not bother me too much, so I’m not going anywhere. I have been driving for several years already, so it's not scary.

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