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Hair brondirovanie: striving for natural luxury

The term itself is formed by the merging of two English words: “brown” (brown) and “light” (blond). Thus, the essence of the procedure consists in combining dark and light tones - when painting, it is not a single color that is used, but a kind of “palette” is used. For example, if you take a dark chestnut as a base, the additional color will be lighter; if the base is red, the second shade is honey.
Due to the fact that booking is becoming more common, a long-standing dispute between a brunette and a blonde has been resolved - now in the trend to be a "brondinka." That is, to paint not in any particular color, but to combine at least three.Brondirovaniye suitable for hair of all colors: dark, and light, and red. The only thing, experts do not recommend using too dark palette - it will be difficult for her to choose the necessary additional shades.
When dark hair is being booked, in order to achieve an effect in which they will gently shimmer from brown to golden, they use the coloring technique.It helps to achieve that the shades smoothly transform into each other, creating the illusion of sun glare. So, coffee and chestnut, light brown colors "shimmer" to a golden blond, due to which the final result of painting is close to its natural version.
Naturalness in this case - a key point. Booking procedure does not tolerate extravagant pretentiousness, it is always based on naturalness. Colors should look not just beautiful, but “expensive”. And for this you need to comply with a certain technology.
First, a definite basis is prepared. As the original colors are taken either light brown or dark blond. Brunettes and dark brown-haired women are usually lightened before the procedure, and then - tinted. Blondes, on the contrary, are painted in a darker color. To ensure that all shades are perfectly matched with each other when booking, their difference should not exceed two to three tones. Otherwise, you will not have a brond, but a standard highlighting. Alternatively, you can lighten the tips of the hair, or individual strands. Or do the edging.Some professionals as a final procedure after brondirovaniya conduct biolamination.It allows you to fix the result for a longer period and adds extra shine to hair.
Bronding hair is ideal for girls and women who, on the one hand, want to change their image, but on the other hand, they are not ready for drastic changes. It is also an excellent option for short hairstyles with dyed hair, if you are going to grow them and no longer dye - thanks to the soft transition from light to dark, the roots can not tint a long period of time. The combination of several tones will visually make your hair more voluminous, and your hair - thicker.
Best of all, brondirovanie will look on a little wavy and straight hair, on curly it is better not to do it - play and glare are lost, they will not be visible. To carry out this procedure itself is highly undesirable. After all, this is an extremely difficult process that is recommended to entrust to specialists. Only they will be able to choose the necessary range of colors and shades so that the hair looks really beautiful and natural.

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